5 interior mistakes that will keep you up all night

Large bed with grey covers and white sheer curtains and drapes

We all know how important a good nights sleep is now – so in this blog we will have a look at some common interior design mistakes and how you can fix them to get a perfect nights sleep.

1. An uncomfortable bed

No one likes waking up in the morning with backache, or tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable so getting the right mattress for you is so important. It is suggested that those who prefer to sleep on their side get a medium-hard mattress and those who generally sleep on their back or front get more comfortable on a harder one. The only way to really know what’s best for you is to go into a showroom and try a few out. What you put your mattress on is also important – you need good strong supportive slats to hold the mattress well to avoid any sagging. The Dulwich ┬áReclaimed Wood Bed is the perfect solid wood bed frame for this! Another thing to consider is if you like to sleep a little propped up or like to relax and read before sleeping. If so, you should consider a bed with a good solid wooden headboard to help keep your pillows and cushions in just the right place.

2. The wrong colour scheme

It is proven that bedroom colours can affect sleep quality so think carefully about the colour scheme in your bedroom. If you are drawn to bright bold and energising colours as a rule then use these as accent colours and keep the rest of the bedroom a paler, calmer, more neutral shade to balance it. Darker colours are also a great choice for the bedroom – they will give it a more cosy and intimate feel – and coordinate well with rustic bedroom furniture, again you can always brighten some areas with something lighter or brighter. According to studies green, blue, pink, white and beige are great colours to create a sanctuary that is easy to relax and sleep in.

Orange, yellow and animal print cushions on wooden bed

3. The wrong window coverings

Window coverings that are too thin will disrupt your sleep pattern. In spring and summer when it gets light earlier there is a good chance that daylight spilling in will wake you up prematurely. Likewise, at night, moonlight or a street light may be able to creep in and keep you awake longer or disrupt your sleep. You can layer your window coverings – maybe some thin blinds – great if you live in a built-up area and don’t want people to see in and then have some heavy curtains to use at night. Heavy curtains are also great if you work shifts and like to have a sleep in the afternoon and of course, can help keep a room warmer in winter.

Grey double bed with sheer white curtains

4. Too much clutter

A cluttered room is very unlikely to be a restful sanctuary! So clearing clutter is an essential point on this list! Make it an effortless task by clearing and donating or recycling items you no longer wear or use and bringing in the correct storage for your room. A wooden under bed storage drawer is great for bedding, and a wooden bedside table or chest of drawers for those little things you like to have handy when in bed. If your room is a little dark and you want to keep it light then consider light coloured furniture such as a white painted wardrobe.

Wooden under drawer storage under reclaimed wood bed

5. The wrong scents

If you are a fan of the diffuser then think about the scents that you are using with it. In the bedroom, you will want ones that help you relax and drift off to sleep, these scents include lavender, rose, chamomile and jasmine.