10 Ways to Create a happy home

White painted rustic room for 10 Ways to Create a happy home blog

We have all been spending a lot of time within our own four walls of late, but now is the time to brighten your home, bring in the summer and make it your happy space once again. Here we look at some quick fixes to help you create a happy home

1. Embrace warming colours – is your colour scheme a bit dull? Do you want to add some bright accents? Lansford Dining Chair Saffron Dining Chairs could be just want you need to place around your rustic dining table to brighten up the space.

Oak sideboard with middle cupboard open

2. Fill your home with flowers & plants – these are proven to lift your spirits. Place a houseplant on a rustic sideboard in your dining room or a vase of fresh-cut flowers on the reclaimed wood coffee table in your living room.

3. Get a pet – we are absolutely not suggesting you dash out and get a puppy! Even a goldfish can have a positive health benefit, research suggests watching fish in an aquarium can help lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Young girl looking at a goldfish for 10 ways to create a happy home blog

4. Make your bed extra comfy – cosy up your bedroom with a mattress topper and new pillows. Finish creating a perfect sleeping sanctuary by getting a new bed throw and some new scatter cushions on your solid wood bed. You can use this opportunity to bring in a new colour scheme to your bedroom.

5. Treat yourself to something you love and that makes you smile – if you have a room that is a bit lifeless, dated or you’ve just fallen out of love with it, then have a good clear out and buy just one new piece of statement furniture. An industrial style dining table in your dining space will give you a whole new look and bring your room right up to date.

Industrial dining table and matching wooden dining bench

6. Create a happy entrance – place a decorative bouquet of your favourite flowers on a hallway console table, add some word art or put a photograph on the wall that makes you laugh.

7. Use a few basic Feng Shui practices to encourage positive energy – declutter the entry to your home to allow energy in, keep windows clean, place sofas and beds in a commanding position in the room, keep pathway clear in the home and bring plants in for energy etc.

8. Keep on top of clutter – have regular clear-outs and look where you can improve storage options around your home.

white modern armchair with white pouffe with large green plant

9. Create a happy corner – somewhere where the sun shines at the end or the start of the day or overlooking your favourite part of the garden. Choose a place that’s cosy and cossetting in any room, even on the landing you could add a velvet armchair to this space and take a few minutes out of your day to sit there and enjoy it.

10. Capture all the senses – as well as things in the home you like to look at think about the other senses – use a diffuser to enjoy a smell you love, invest in a good home speaker system to enjoy your favourite tunes. Surround yourself with tactile cushions, blankets and rustic furniture to touch. Taste: make a point of one night every week, one member of your household chooses their favourite meal and you all sit around the dining table to eat together.

Reclaimed wood dining table and grey fabric dining chairs