5 Things to consider when choosing a bed headboard

Standford Reclaimed Wood Bed in Bedroom

A bedroom is a place of rest and rejuvenation, and one that should be steeped in style. The rustic bed, of course, is one of the main pieces of furniture – if not, the main piece of bedroom furniture – with the headboard playing an important role too. So how do you choose the right one?

1 The size of your bedroom

Top of the list for consideration is the size of your bedroom. A larger room can take a larger, more imposing headboard whilst a smaller room may need one that is smaller but no less in terms of its styling.

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bed

If you can fit in a king reclaimed wood bed but don’t want to overpower the room with a tall headboard, then consider the Winchester rustic bed is an ideal compromise. The king bed frame itself has plenty of detailing with height but is not overly imposing. Full of character, this is surely one of our most beautiful reclaimed wood bed frames.

2 The size of the headboard

However, just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean that a tall headboard is out of the running. Bear in mind that a tall headboard and footboard can ‘chop’ a room in half, however, there is a pleasing cleanliness to the lines of this style of bed.

Nilsson Rustica Reclaimed Wood Bed

It is in no way a style compromise but the Nilsson Rustica reclaimed wood king bed makes for an exciting addition to any master bedroom. With the footboard perfectly mirroring the slightly-taller-than-usual headboard, this is a delightful piece of reclaimed wood furniture with more than a hint of rustic charm about it.

3 Make it the focal point

Every room needs a focal point, the central point around which the rest of the room rotates. This allows us to ‘make sense’ of the room in terms of its style and use. The good news is, the headboard can act as this focal point.

Nilsson Rustica Reclaimed Wood Bed

A taller headboard standing above the rest of the items in the bedroom instantly attracts the eye. This luxury king bed, also from the Nilsson Rustica rustic furniture range, has a taller headboard that appeals to the eye.

Again, it’s clean, symmetrical lines bring a welcome sense of order to the bedroom, with a headboard that isn’t over imposing.

4 Materials

Fourth on our list is the choice of headboard material. There are some beautiful padded, upholstered bed headboards in a range of colours that fit with many different trends and styles.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Bed

Reclaimed wood is a material that is tipped to become even more popular during 2019 and so you can take your place in this with some beautiful reclaimed wood bed frames with headboards.

5 Trends and styles

As well as reclaimed wood being a hotly tipped trend for 2019, you may also want to consider some of the other trends coming our way and how that translates with your style likes.

There are many bedroom decorating ideas that caught our eye but the streamlined, minimal look is tipped o huge success. And no wonder – calming and pleasant, it gives an edge to your bedroom that is a sheer delight. If you fancy this style, choose a headboard and king bed that packs a punch but isn’t overly detailed or fussy, but still has character.