Our most popular blogs of the year

Wycombe Oak Dining Table and Chairs with Bench

As the year draws to a close, there are award ceremonies and ’best of’ lists of all kinds. Not ones to be left behind, we thought we would do the same. We have, of course, created best-selling charts of our furniture items for you to take a look at, from the reclaimed wood dining table to the large sideboard but we also thought we would look through the year’s blog posts.

We use our blogs to provide information and ideas covering a broad range of topics, but which four blog posts caught your imagination most?

The Scandinavian style dining room

What is there not to love about the Scandinavian furniture style? A fusion of light coloured woods with natural materials, there is a clean, crispness to this style that makes it ideal for every home, from the family pad to the apartment of the Millennial.

WycombeOak Dining Table and Chairs

Our get the Scandinavian style in the dining room blog with these new sets blog attracted a lot of attention, mainly because it gave ideas on how you can create the perfect backdrop against which the dining table can sizzle.

The best industrial coffee tables

As living room pieces go, the coffee table is a staple piece of furniture that can help to provide the balance and symmetry that the room needs. It can also be a talking point which is why we brought you a round up of the latest industrial coffee table to our range.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

The new in: the best industrial coffee tables crafted from reclaimed wood blog brought together many beautiful industrial pieces that got people talking. From the round best of tables to the industrial coffee table on wheels, there was something in this blog for everyone of every taste and budget.

The industrial furniture look was popular throughout 2018, a trend that we expect to see continuing. There is something refreshingly uncomplicated about the fusion of familiar materials such as reclaimed wood and steel, one of the reasons why the industrial dining table too remains a popular style choice for many.

Stainless Steel in the dining room

Anything that shimmers, sizzles and glimmers is ‘gold’ in our eyes but when it comes to using metallic finishes, knowing when and how to use it in the home can be problematic. When is it too much? Can you have too much chrome, stainless steel or gold finish?

Maddox Reclaimed Elm Dining Table and chairs

In our blog beautiful stainless steel pieces you need to have in your dining room, we shifted our focus on using metal finishes to an important room in the home and how, with the right backdrop and setting, a ‘silvery’ finish can lift the room from ordinary to extraordinary.

The busy hallway

A hallway is a place of transit, one of the reasons why we always leave decorating this space to the last minute. With this in mind, we have long championed the hallway as a space that should be stylish and functional.

Chedworth Wooden Shoe Storage Natural

In the blog what is the perfect storage for a busy hallway we gave you plenty of ideas for adding storage to the hallway. Versatile storage solutions, we looked at everything from cubed shelving storage units to hallway benches.

What’s in store for 2019?

There will be many styles and topics we’ll cover in the New Year too, from looking at the latest trends to how to use colour schemes, how to style reclaimed wood furniture and the reclaimed wood table and more. But of course, we want to hear from you too. What would you like to see more of in the coming months on our blog?