5 ways to bring the great outdoors in

Green houseplants in living room with grey fabric sofa

Summer is getting closer and closer and we all want to make the most of being outside, topping up our vitamin D and enjoying the sun whenever possible. But if you don’t have an outdoor space then you really don’t want to feel like you are missing out. Here we have a look at some great ways you can bring the outdoors in.

Green plants in stone pots on wooden sideboard for how to bring the outdoors in

1. Add plants & trees

Reclaimed wood furniture, such as a reclaimed dining table is a great way to bring wood into your home and just works perfectly with other natural elements like house plants and trees. It may seem a bit extreme at first but, yes, you really can bring a tree into your home! If you have a rustic sideboard then fill the top with greenery – house plants are proven to lift your spirits and reduce stress. Use rustic-looking plant pots in natural materials to give your room a garden feel!

Large tree in next to round dining tableCredit: Prestigious Textiles, Whisp Collection

2. Use natural materials

You should use materials that are found in nature whenever possible like wood, rustic wood, reclaimed wood, stone, wicker and rattan. Pots for your house plants that look like stone or baskets that are produced from wicker are another great choice. If you are lucky enough to have a reclaimed wood coffee table then go for natural granite or wicker drinks coasters. Leather frames look great on wall art and mirrors.

Reclaimed wood coffee table with white painted legs

3. Large windows

If you have the opportunity to change your windows then make them as big as possible. Of course, this is a bigger initial investment but it will be well worth it when you have a whole load of lovely sunshine spilling into your room. You could also look at changing a window for a floor-to-ceiling patio door, if you are in a flat above ground level you can add decorative railings so you can open them wide without the risk of anyone falling. If that’s not an option, keep windows clean and drape sheer fabrics so the outdoors is clearly visible and the sun can still filter in.

4. Choose nature-inspired artwork and accessories

If you wanted to add some wall art you could opt for a print of a tropical plant or forest scene. For cushions, get covers in a natural fabric with botanical scenes and pair with a matching sofa throw, or curtains to hang at the windows.

White sofa with palm printed cushions and large green pot plant

5. Introduce natural scents

We all like our living space to smell fresh and inviting to achieve this you can use fresh flowers, diffusers and scented candles to give a wonderful nature-rich fragrance. Try a few different aromas depending on your mood and go for gentle smells rather than strong scents that can get overbearing.