How to perfect alfresco dining indoors

Group of people eating around a rustic dining table

Create a magical outdoor dining scape table setting even if you don’t have an outdoors with our stylish garden dining tips…

A wooden dining table

First off, a wooden table is a must. We value nature more than ever before meaning many of us feel the need to connect with the outdoors. You can start this in your own home by introducing rustic wood and other natural materials. And, because we value and respect nature more then it should really be an authentic reclaimed wood or rustic dining table to be true return to nature!. Adding a wooden dining bench or wooden dining chairs will also give you a bit more of an outdoor feel during the summer months.

Reclaimed wood dining table with lime green fabric dining chairs

Decorate the table with green foliage and flower displays

A great way to bring nature into your dining space is to use natural table decorations, houseplants, twigs, green foliage and freshly cut flowers. If your table is small and you need all the space on it you can consider a reclaimed wood sideboard. This surface of this would be another great (and more permanent) place to add a beautiful natural-looking garden display that will also give you a whole load more storage space too!

Rustic sideboard with tall green house plants

If tabletop and room space is tight create a botanical display to hang over the table

Use a piece of wood and rope and entwine ivy, leaves and flowers to create a magical display. You can add some fairy lights to this to create some gentle candle-like lighting for a more intimate evening. Garlands around a mirror or along a mantlepiece or hanging on the wall will help make your dining space even more naturally magical.

Dried flower display on exposed brick wall
Credit: Bex Partridge

Cover the table with natural linens

Here you can opt for a natural linen table cloth and play with layering, add a runner and garden colour napkins – choose a light and dark shade of green and add an accent colour like red, orange, yellow or lilac to mimic your favourite garden flowers. A combination of brown and green table linen is also great and would work particularly well with the beautiful, natural grain of a rustic wooden dining table.

Girl sat at open window in living room looking out to green trees

Open the windows to let in fresh breezes

It’s always good to get some fresh air into your living space – we recommend you open your windows wide at every opportunity and let the gentle evening breeze into your room.

Weave fairy lights throughout the dining space

Use as many fairy lights as you like to mimic romantic garden lighting. Yes, hang them everywhere, around mirrors, pictures, along a sideboard wrap them around tall house plants or place a bunch of string lights in a glass dish on your large dining table….you can even add a touch of greenery and some stones to this to create your own unique table centrepiece! You will want good lighting for dishing up and while you are eating, to keep the garden feel going, we would suggest a bamboo pendant light over your dining table.

People sat around a large rustic dining table with food

Serve an alfresco style menu

Serve the type of food you would usually have if outdoors, such as garden party favourites like antipasti, grilled meats, and a green garden salad. Consider share platters, tear and share bread and other traditional garden party favourites like burgers and grilled vegetables. For drinks, you can serve sangria, a delicious lavender champagne cocktail, or a summery, zingy and minty mojito! Enjoy!