5 ways to creatively decorate your hallway

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Your hallway is the first room anyone sees when they enter your home, yet its a room often forgotten when it comes to decorating. However, as a room you don’t spend too much time in, your hallway is the perfect opportunity to experiment and get creative with colour and statement decor you might be worried about using elsewhere.

Here are a few of our favourite hallway decorating ideas.

Embrace the industrial

If you have an old building, there are always features you can make the most of when it comes to decor. Make the most of old wood or industrial features like old bricks in your home for a chic, urban finish that will create a beautiful contrast against sleek, contemporary furniture.

Create a gallery

Your hallway is a fantastic space to display your favourite piece of art. From large canvases to ultra contemporary wall art, a selection of your favourite pieces will add large amounts of personality for relatively little effort. You could even mix in family photos both old and new.

Ant Fox Gallery Canvas Wall Art

For a thought out, coordinated look, go for a colour scheme. Monochrome is great for a glamorous finish which looks truly magical paired with simple white furniture and greenery. Or alternatively, work with more vibrant colours like blues or greens to bring a simple room to life.

Add mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of creating the illusion of more space and bringing light. This is a great trick for small or narrow hallways. A floor length mirror is especially great for this trick and can almost make the space seem double the size.

Even a large hallway mirror hung above your hallway console table can work wonders. Go for mirrors with ultra slim frames or no frames or those with light or metallic frames to maximise the effect.

Add bold accents with furniture

Vibrant, colourful accents are fantastic if you have a small or dark hallway to bring interest without adding too much clutter and taking up floor space.

Kirk Moon Wool Armchair

Colourful chairs will instantly bring life to your hallway. Go for an armchair with a slim design but high back to create drama without taking up unnecessary space. Jewel tones like amethyst, sapphire or jade are sure to attract endless compliments. Alternatively, a painted console table or display unit will add a vintage-inspired finish to any room which will be beautifully complemented by glamorous accessories and greenery.

Turn your hallway into a library

Books can also make for great decor pieces and don’t take up too much space. Adding slim bookcases on one or both sides of the hallway means you can fill the space up with your favourite books and create a room with plenty of personality too. For a sleeker, coordinated look, you could place your books in colour order.

Lowry Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Make the most of your space with this small hallway ideas. Let us know what you did.