6 tips for choosing the perfect sofa

Bristol Club Leather Sofa and Armchair

You sit on it, nap on it, cuddle on it and lounge in it, with the dog enjoying a sneaky nap on it too – the sofa is an essential piece of furniture, no matter which room it graces.

It needs to tick a lot of boxes from comfort to style. And with such a bewildering choice, from the curved sofa to the Chesterfield, opting for a sofa that can be everything to everyone in your family is tough.

#1 Style

Essentially, you are looking for a style of sofa that complements your home. Hence, if you favour the traditional style, you would do well to look at traditional styles, such as the iconic Chesterfield style sofa.

Granby Brown Cerato Leather Sofa

In a more modern or industrial style setting, you would be looking for a modern sofa with a cleaner style, sharper lines and crisp angles with fewer flourishes and details.

#2 Room size

With a firmer idea of style, you now need to understand how the sofa will fit and complement the dimensions of a room.

Our top tip is to mark out the dimensions of your proposed new sofa and see how it fits the floor space.

#3 Seating space

Sofas tend to come in either small 2-seater sofa options or larger three-seater sofas. The size of the room may dictate which one you choose. If not, it is a question of deciding which option you prefer.

Spitfire Brown Cerato Leather Sofa

A 2-seater sofa is certainly a cosier option, whilst a three seater could be more practical (and perfect for stretching out on for a Sunday afternoon Nana nap!).

To stop a room looking swamped by a sofa, consider opting for a sofa with less height to it. Low arms and back can help to prevent the room from looking cluttered.

#4 Seating depth

If you want luxury and comfort in both styling and when you use the sofa, then you need to consider the depth of the seating area.

In other words, a narrow, slimline sofa will leave you feeling perched on the edge but one with depth will lure you in and envelop you in softness and comfort.

#5 Leather or fabric

This can be the sticking point for many people – do they opt for the sleekness of leather or opt for the softness of a fabric sofa?

There are pros and cons to both materials. If you want effortless style and beauty, a brown leather sofa is the go-to option.

Bristol Leather and Wool Sofa and Armchair

Fabric can bring depth and texture to a room, as well as feeling pleasant to the touch and ‘warmer’.

Or you could opt for a fabric and brown leather sofa

#6 Styling tricks

If you have a small room or feel that it looks cluttered and too boxy, we have a clever styling tip:

The Darlton brown leather sofa meets the floor; in other words, there is no gap between the floor and the bottom of the sofa visible to the eye. If you want a cosy feel, complete with clear boundaries then this is the style of sofa for you.

But if you want to create an illusion of more space, you need to accent the gap between the bottom of the sofa and the floor. In other words, choose a sofa in which the legs are visible.

So with these tips in mind, which of our sofas would you opt for?