How to keep your cat happy in your new home

Cat on Wooden Round Stool

Cat on Wooden Shelves

If you’re thinking about adding a cat to your family, the chances are you’ll want to give it the very best. So before welcoming your new feline friend, have a think about how you can make your home more cat-friendly?

Cat on Floor With Toy

First of all, entertainment is key. Not only will it keep your cat content, chances are you’ll also protect those beautiful reclaimed wood furniture pieces you spent time saving pennies for. A window perch for looking out (even better if it has a view of a bird feeder), a cat tree for climbing or a water fountain is a great option.

Entertainment which also creates an opportunity for exercise is also important, particularly if you have a house cat. In order to keep your cat fit and healthy, a wall mounted structure may be a more stylish option than a giant cat climbing frame which also takes up precious floor space. There are plenty of DIY projects to make cat structures and trees if you’re willing to put the time in.

Grey Cat on Wooden Chair

You may also wish to think about cat-friendly furniture. A glass-topped reclaimed wood dining table is a great idea if you’re looking to protect the natural grain of the wood and will also be enviably easy to clean. Additionally, you may want to consider something more durable in terms of seating. Beautifully upholstered dining chairs look stylish, but they may not be the best pairing with kitten claws. So how about durable wooden dining chairs instead?

Once you’ve lived with your cat for a little while, the chances are you’ll discover its favourite sleeping spot. The chances are it’s not that plush cat bed you splurged on. To welcome your cat, roll with their favourite spot. A folded towel or blanket makes a great makeshift bed and shows you care if you pop on their favourite spot – whether that be a shelf on your rustic shelves or under your reclaimed wood coffee table. Cat on Wooden Stool

Finally, do some research into things around the home which may be toxic to your new cat. For example, although cats love plants, a lot of common plants e.g. lilies can be toxic for cats. Instead, look for plants which are safe for felines or plant a tray with kitty grass which your cat is able to nibble at throughout the day.

Have you got any tips to welcome a cat into your home, or any tips to protect your rustic furniture from cats and other furry friends?