A beautiful Christmas in your own home office

Home Office Decorated for Christmas

Working from home brings many benefits, no more so than when the festive season gets into full swing. As well as being able to alter your working pattern to accommodate parties and events, you can also have fun decorating your home office. Take a look at our stunning, yet simple ideas for adding a touch of festive cheer and aplomb to the home office.

Wooden Desk Decorated for Christmas

Cosy Christmas accessories

Christmas decorations don’t always have to be tinsel, baubles and Christmas trees. We love the natural look, a perfect complement to the reclaimed wood home office furniture in this snug home office.

It takes a while to notice the decorations because the room looks so snug with plenty of texture and soft lighting. As well as a few accessories dangling from the pendant lampshade, there are also some pretty accessories, such as the miniature Christmas tree on the table.

Elegant and understated, this is a fantastically warm and welcoming home office.

Update your wall art

Christmas Print in Frame

Wall art is great for any home office, inexpensive to add and update from time to time. Swapping your usual choice for a few festive additions is great for adding a festive touch. If you don’t want to change your current art, simply opt for a plain black frame and a simple Christmas print and prop up on the mantelpiece, industrial shelving or on the small sideboard, perfect storage for the home office.

Add greenery with small, artificial trees

Artificial Christmas Trees on Sideboard

The one Christmas decoration that we think is perfect whether you are big into Christmas decorations or not is the small, artificial Christmas tree.

Sitting on its small disc of wood, the miniature tree with pretty snow-tipped firs is ideal for any home office. In the grey of winter, they add a dash of colour. And when you haven’t got a lot of space, a cluster of three trees won’t get in your way, even on a small computer desk or on your industrial shelving unit.

Team it with a white accessory such as this small classic porcelain house and you have a picture-perfect festive scene! Spray the bases of the trees gold for an extra kick of glamour!

Have a small, real Christmas tree!

Woman Holding Small Natural Christmas Tree

There is nothing to say that you cannot have a real Christmas tree in your home office – quite the opposite in fact.

Like most people, you probably don’t spend the whole working day sitting at your industrial desk. Reclining in your leather office chair to read important papers or to have ‘thinking time’, brighten up the landscape in your home office this Christmas with a real Christmas tree.

There are smaller, miniature ‘living’ trees that would make the ideal addition. Add a few lights and a bauble or two, if you feel inspired, or stick with the ‘au naturel’ appeal with pine cones and pretty ribbons.

And when Christmas has passed, dig a hole in your garden, add a little compost or organic matter, plant your Christmas tree and watch it grow from the office window.