Inspiring ideas to create a festive hallway

Wycombe Oak Hallway Bench

The hallway is the space where you will welcome guests and visitors when they call by this Christmas so why leave the hallway bear of festive cheer?

1 Declutter

Top of our list before you start adding tinsel and garlands is to give the hallway a de-clutter and a spring clean. It’s tempting after a long day at the office to just kick your shoes off and throw your coat on the wooden hallway bench but when everyone does that, you end up with a coat-and-shoe-mountain.

Wycombe Oak Hallway Bench

And you’ve probably noticed that some of those items really don’t need to be there…

  • De-clutter – take stuff out of the hallway that could ‘live’ somewhere else in your home
  • Consider updating the storage – a simply wicker basket for scarves, hats and gloves is a great way to stop items creeping through the hallway or being lost

Have a downstairs cloakroom? It is bound to be the place that your guests will want to visit. As well as a deep clean, add some typical festive scent with a room deodoriser.

2 Update the console table

We all know that the lack of space in the hallway can create a pinch point but that doesn’t mean the hallway should be without a stylish piece of furniture or two. If you do nothing else, add a hallway console table.

Belfort Industrial Console Table

A half-moon console table adds shape and texture to a hallway but if you feel the better option would be the better option, why not opt for the rustic furniture charm of the Belfort narrow console table? The gold coloured frame and the beautiful black reclaimed wood top are very festive as well as glamorous.

3 Ambience and atmosphere

Creating ambience and atmosphere is done by appealing to the senses – and the hallway is the perfect place to create the welcoming, festive atmosphere;

  • Scent – what aromas and scents do you associate with Christmas? Heavier spiced scents so choose room deodorisers and candles that are scented with cinnamon or berries. Scented potpourri sat in a ceramic bowl on your hallway console table will be gently wafted through the hallway as people move around.
  • Lighting – the romance of lighting should never be understated and if there is one thing you can get away with at Christmas it is an abundance of twinkling lights! From garlands trailing up the bannister with pretty lights to clustering lights in bowls on the hallway window ledge, there are many different ways of adding light to the hallway. The softer and gentler the glow, the better.

4 Don’t forget the porch or entrance

Christmas Wreath on Wooden Door

Technically not the hallway but we are all for creating the right impression from the doorstep. Candles in beautiful lanterns holders, a pretty wreath on the door are just two festive charms we add to our porch.

And finally, we think that adding a Christmas tree is one of the best hallway decorating ideas. It sets the tone beautifully, and the ideal place to hide a present or two to gift your guests as they are leaving.