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A mirror in your kitchen? Why not! All you need to know about mirrors in kitchens

A mirror in your kitchen? Why not! All you need to know about mirrors in kitchens

Mirrors are an accessory that we use in every room and space in the home, so why not the kitchen as well? Just like in other rooms, thoughtful and strategic placing of a mirror in a kitchen reflects available light and opens up the space to make it look spacious, light and airy.

So, how do you use mirrors in a kitchen? Are there hard and fast rules to follow?

Strategic Positioning

Thankfully not, but strategic position helps the mirror to pick out the details you want it to.

If you do nothing else, use a mirror in a space that reflects an interesting view. This could be to reflect the striking pendants lights hanging above your reclaimed wood kitchen table, for example.

You also need to consider the best aspects of your kitchen - is it the well-chosen and stylish pieces of kitchen furniture or the bi-folding doors that open out onto your pristine garden?

Practical too

Reflecting light is a happy by-product of mirrors in any space, but they also hold a practical function other than this.

Saltash Reclaimed Wood Mirror

For example, some busy households use the ‘back’ door into the kitchen as their everyday entrance and exit – what better place to hang the Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Mirror to check that nothing is out of place before the morning dash to work?

Above the Stove

Feng shui principles dictate that mirrors symbolise water which clashes with fire and that a mirror above a stove is great for the family chef to see who or what is behind them. It is also a way of adding light into what can be a dark space.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror for kitchen

However, don’t hang ‘ordinary’ glass nor hang mirrors too low as they may crack with the steam and heat. Depending on your style, this reclaimed wood mirror ties in well with the reclaimed wood kitchen style or the farmhouse kitchen look - two styles that are proving popular this year.

Adding Detail

Many family homes have a combined kitchen and dining area and this gives you even more scope for using mirrors. Don’t think that a mirror must be plain, practical and functional in the kitchen – it can add a pop of delightful detail. Shape can add detail to a space and that why we love this silver, round wall mirror with an elegant Art Deco style for the kitchen.

Art Deco Medium Round Wall Mirror

For an edgy, but not-overly-quirky detail the Celestial wall mounted mirror adds a level of detail that stops the space looking too utilitarian.

Celestial Silver Wall Mirror

Add More Than One

The benefits of a mirror in the kitchen are many and varied but the one thing we are loving this season in interior design designs is the use of more than one mirror in the space.

We also love the way that the kitchen mirror is taking on a personality all of its own, like this Giant Pebble Mirror that brings a certain something to any space that it adorns but, in a kitchen, it will be the talking point of any party…

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