Rustic wedding decor at home

Bramble Flower Wooden Salad Bowl with Servers as Wedding Gift

There is no doubt that rustic weddings are more popular than ever these days, and it’s not difficult to see why, rustic wedding decor is just beautiful! We can’t get enough of it. Aside from personal preference, one of the main reasons for the rise in popularity is the fact that such occasions allow greater artistic creativity, in part because they are not prone to the more rigid traditions and obligations of church-based celebrations.

Shop Derby Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

And while many choose to base their big event in historic large barns, there are some who prefer instead to use their homes. Reclaimed wood furniture such as the sumptuous Derby Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table, accompanied perhaps by the Derby Reclaimed Wood Bench, will provide a spectacular centerpiece on the day, and a natural gathering point for all the guests for your rustic wedding.

Natural Cable Knitted Throw

As well as a splendid rustic dining table, the overall theme can be underlined further with rustic wedding decor throughout the house. Items such as the Kilburn Scott Natural Glencoe Throw or maybe the Natural Cable Throw can be used to add extra warmth to the look of the place. The combination of luxurious soft fabric and gorgeous wooden furniture can be a powerful one.

Rustic Wedding Seating For All

One of the issues facing planners of home-based weddings is the need for adequate seating, but this can be remedied with stunning rustic wedding furniture from Modish Living. Raw Light Oak Small Stools and Raw Light Oak Tall Stools will not only give everyone a seat, but they will also make the room itself more eye-catching when guests first start to arrive.

Rustic Inlay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

When you have a rustic table like the excellent Rustic Inlay Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, it can prove perfect for when guests wish to sit down and eat, or it could conceivably be used instead to hold the wedding gifts. Thanks to the natural beauty of this particular piece, it would look just as good unadorned as it would when covered with a luxurious throw.

Bramble Flower Wooden Salad Bowl with Servers

If you receive an invitation to a rustic-style wedding, you may want to give a gift that is in keeping with the theme of the big day. The good news for all guests is that there’s a number of high-quality rustic wedding decor options to choose from, including the delightful Bramble Flower Wooden Cheese Board, a wonderful addition to any dinner party. The matching Bramble Flower Wooden Salad Bowl with Servers is also an excellent choice. When you see the beauty of these items, you realise perhaps why more and more weddings are going down the rustic route.