Adding festive style to the living room

Christmas Wooden Star Decoration

The festive season is the time to add yet more style and aplomb to your living room, whether you have a small one with a 2 seater leather sofa or a large one with numerous comfy armchairs and like most other things, trends come and go when it comes to festive decorations and accessories. We’ve taken a look at what some designers predict will be making their way into the living room this Christmas.

Ring the changes with the tree

We know there is better smell or look than a real Christmas tree but if you’ve had enough of battling the dropping pines on the floor, then opt for an artificial tree. Ring the changes with a coloured tree.

Small Wooden Star Decoration

In the Modish Living studio this year, we are working with silver and white, opting for a lush silver tree to add decadence and festive cheer this year. We’ve also opted for classic white decorations, sticking with wooden items when we can to sit with our penchant for reclaimed wood furniture.

Silver may be our metallic of choice this year but we still have a hankering for gold and brass finishes too. The gold coloured trim and the dramatic black oak combination of the Blackbone Collection is new in and is already proving a popular collection – and no wonder with its festive tones and finish.

Go miniature

The minimalist style is popular. Uncluttered with stylish lines and a crisp white backdrop, the minimalist style you may think, won’t sit easily with the festive cheer of Christmas decorations.

Small Potted Christmas Tree

But you’d be wrong. We love the idea of a tiny potted tree, perfect for the minimalist look as well as for those of us enjoying a bijou living room in our home. Sit it on the mantelpiece and use delicate fairy lightings in its tiny branches to add a pleasant detail.

You could also tie a pretty bow or two and opt for small baubles, sticking with one colour to maintain the link between the minimalist style and festive cheer. Add texture and warmth to a room with a neutral tone rug too, such as our salt and pepper rug.

Stick with recycled Christmas decorations

As well as attempting to use less single-use plastic, many of us are very conscious of things like glitter and tinsel being environmentally problematic.

Of course, the sparkle is now synonymous with Christmas so if you must have glitter, opt for the environmentally friendly stuff. Take a peek online and you are sure to find a provider.

If you love our reclaimed wood furniture, you will love the idea of recycled Christmas decorations too. From ornaments carved out of reclaimed wood to Christmas decs that have been upcycled from other materials, anything made from recycled material will look fabulous on your large sideboard or your reclaimed wood coffee table.

Buy local

We all know the pressure the high street is under – now magnify those difficult trading conditions tenfold and you have some idea of what local small businesses face. Buying local means supporting your local high street, whether that is a small village shop or a cluster of shops in your local town.

Christmas Gifts Under the Christmas Tree

Artisans crafters create truly stunning and unique pieces, Christmas decorations that will last for years to come. Small Business Saturday at the beginning of December will hopefully remind many people to buy local, buy small and support local craftspeople.