How to make the most of your landing space

Gallery Wall

It may be a small nook but that compact space on the landing could serve you so much better. Need some ideas? Take a look at how to make more of the landing space in your home with reclaimed wood furniture.

1 Bookcase heaven

We’ve talked before of creating a reading nook in your home, a space that you retreat to when reality gets a little too real. If you do nothing else with the landing space, why not create a beautiful bookcase for your prized novels and other tomes.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

As well as a more permanent fitted option, you could also opt for the industrial appeal of industrial shelving. Simple, elegant and industrial in style, you can arrange your books in colour, as well as stand some upright and others on their side to give a delightful appeal to the space.

Books in Bookcase

Break it up with a well-placed accessory or two and if the landing is a little lacking in light, add a table lamp with a gentle glow.

If the landing isn’t leading anywhere, you could continue the shelving to full ceiling height, a great way of creating storage space for lesser used items.

2 A space to chill and relax

If you are blessed with a window on the landing, you could always make this into a space to sit, enjoy a book or two, or for a solitary five minutes in your very busy day.

Aviator Keeler Chair

As well as a window seat, you could add a statement chair, such as the cocoon that is the aviator wing leather armchair. Is space is very pressured, a dining bench would make a pleasant seat on the landing – add a cushion and a throw for texture.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bench

Add detail with a reclaimed wood coffee table, maintain the symmetry between chair or bench and the window too.

3 A home office

As well as a reading nook, another space that many of us crave for in the home is a study or office space. From the occasional working-from-home day to the need to complete important paperwork and the like, the landing space can be the ideal home for an industrial desk and PC.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

A reclaimed wood desk made to measure for the space makes the most of it. If you have a smaller space, why not deck it out with an L-shaped custom desk so that you really do make the most of the space and have the working space that you need too?

The industrial look is fantastic for a small space such as a landing because it has an openness that means it doesn’t close down or clutter a space. Keep lighting bright but warm and don’t forget to add unfussy textures, such as a beautiful rug, to give the space a feeling of warmth.

4 Picture gallery

Gallery Wall

If you don’t have the space to use the landing as a sitting, reading or home office space then make the most of the walls by creating your own art gallery with family photos and delightful art.