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All you need to know about choosing a bed and mattress

All you need to know about choosing a bed and mattress

With National Make Your Bed Day looming large on 11th September, it is a timely reminder just how important the mattress and bed is. The right bed frame and mattress can make the difference between getting a great night’s sleep or waking full of aches and pains, with a headache too.

Sleep Matters

It is the body’s way of rejuvenating the physical and the emotional, which is why sleep matters. Thus, getting the right mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep and of course the bed frame, as well as supporting the mattress, also adds a dash of style to the room too, just as well as painted bedroom furniture can.

1. Size

There are, of course, a range of mattress and bed frame sizes from single, to small double, double, king and super king. There is also the possibility of having a bespoke mattress and frame made (but you will need bespoke bed linen too if you are opting for bigger than king size), as well as round mattresses.

Choose the right size bed for you and your budget.

Recycle your old mattress – as far as materials go, there are many components of the mattress that can be reused and repurposed. There are various schemes that will gladly accept your old mattress for recycling.

2. Style

In effect, there are two main styles of bed frame:

  • Divan base – which is a box like base
  • Bed frame – which is what it says: a frame with a footboard (although not always) and a headboard.

Both offer great support but many customers opt for the bed frame as it gives more scope for setting a style to a bedroom. For example, contemporary beds are ideal when the style is modern, as is creating and customising your own bed frame.

Another popular choice is reclaimed wood bedroom furniture which offers warmth, familiarity and the sense of the unique, complete with bedroom sets of reclaimed wood furniture to match or contrast.

3 Health Issues

The mattress should be the soft, luxurious platform you sink into at the end of a busy day that affords you ample support and a great night’s sleep. Or it can be the too squishy or too hard a sleeping platform that makes for a poor night’s sleep.

The mattress should support the three natural curves in your back – the neck, the middle and the lower back – and not force your spine straight, an unnatural and pain-inducing position for the spine, the neck and other joints too.

4. Which mattress?

Comfortable and Luxury Mattress

There are various types of mattresses, from memory foam to pocket sprung. Essentially, as well as budget, you need to consider the support that the mattress offers. With a pocket sprung mattress, for example, the coils are encased in individual fabric pouches so they stay exactly where they should be. And the more coils and springs the mattress has, the comfier it should be…

5. Testing, Testing…

Of course, all this support of support and mattresses leads to one logical conclusion; you need to test it.

That doesn’t mean spending the night in the show room, but more about lying on the mattress to see how much support it offers your tired limbs and body…

Once you’ve found the right bed and mattress for you, you should reap the benefits of a great night’s sleep every night.



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