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Amazing coffee tables that will help you have a clutter free home

Amazing coffee tables that will help you have a clutter free home

Riya Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table

When it comes to storage, there is no doubt that, at times, it presents a real headache. We all need and in every room too but sometimes, we can feel that the choices of storage solutions are limited.

Thankfully, there are solutions, from stylish sideboards to elegant display units and dressers. But, there is one item that we feel never gets the fair crack of the whip when it comes to providing storage solutions: the coffee table.

A coffee table with storage doesn’t have to be large and cumbersome, neither does it have to be a ‘box’. There is a growing range of coffee tables in all shapes and sizes, that offer extra accessible storage.

Open storage

Shelving is a versatile addition to any room and in the living room, you can open shelving with stunning display units. Accessing items, from books to magazines is simple, quick and easy. It is also the ideal space for showing off sculptures and other accessories.

Wycombe Oak Rectangle Coffee Table

And an open shelve on a coffee table can work just as well too. This modern style coffee table with ladder shelf won’t swamp a room and sits well with both a sofa and fabric armchairs to frame them in a space.

The box

Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest which is why we love the box coffee table so much. Unpretentious in design and style, this upcycled coffee table brings a fantastic level of detail into a space. It chunkiness is welcome in many different kinds of interior design styles, but if you like the story that upcycled, or reclaimed furniture brings, then you will love what this coffee table offers.

Riya Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table

The drawers have it!

The best storage for many people or so they feel is to have drawers in the coffee table. And why not? It is a universal solution that works for all.

Again, styling it out is important and there is something delightful and very tactile about the button drawer handles on this rustic styled coffee table. The rustic style is simple, yet beautiful: it retains the warmth of the farmhouse style but refines many of the details hence, the beautiful drawer handles on this piece.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Following the same lines is this exquisite piece also leaning towards the rustic, but there are edges and angles to this coffee table with drawers that could align it with the contemporary style too.

Dayton Coffee Table with DrawersBut if you have storage needs that would spill out of two drawers, take a look at what this drawer and shelving combination coffee table would bring to your room. Delightfully solid and robust, this piece is satisfyingly robust looking, without being too boxy or angular.

How will you style it?

Coffee tables deserve your attention. And yet, so many time we simply opt for one based on its price tag alone.

Invest a little more and you will find that when it comes to maintaining a clutter-free home, that it provides a lot of help in the shape of storage.

But how will you style your coffee table? Will it be the sleek lines of the modern style or the reliability of the refined rustic approach?



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