Round coffee tables and how to style them at their best

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Tables

Luxe Elm Industrial Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Table

It may ‘only’ be a round coffee table, and you may not give much thought to where or how it is placed. After all, you just need it to be within reach of the sofa and armchairs.

But by not paying attention to this piece of furniture, you are missing an important styling trick. To help you out, we have some fantastic styling tips for all coffee tables, from a large to a small round coffee table.

Create a ‘visual reference’

We often talk of a focal point in rooms, as its inclusion helps the eye to make sense of the space. In effect, a well-placed round coffee table can do the same thing. It may not be the focal point but by being in the ‘right’ place is emphasising the space.

The beauty of a round coffee table is that its circular shape is naturally inclusive and can act as a point around which the seating options in the room can gravitate to. Ensure plenty of distance to walk around it to gain access to your sofa and chairs though!

Add detail

Adding detail to a room is done in many ways and a coffee table is just one way of doing it;

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Industrial Nest of Round Coffee Tables

  • Vary heights – varying the height of furniture in a room stops it looking flat and one-dimensional. Coffee tables are great for adding height. The nest of reclaimed wood coffee table from the Kensington range can come with a glass top too, perfect for adding a hint of luxury to the industrial style living room.
  • Cluster – another way to add detail is to use matching or complementing side tables alongside the coffee table. For a quirky look, you could add square side tables alongside a roundtable but to promote a sense of cohesion, opt for complementing round side tables. This pretty Elm recycled wood table is perfect for acting as a small side table to frame the sofa. Team it with the beautiful Edale cream sofa, with exquisite button detail, for a stunning look to the living room.
  • Materials – cohesion is one thing, but it can soon tip into monotony. And so, if you don’t vary the height, consider varying the materials used instead. The rawness of the reclaimed wood top teamed with the elegance of the stainless steel leg detailing on the Kensington Luxe reclaimed wood round coffee table is simply stunning. Contrast the roughness of the top with the smoothness of a glass vase or another sculptured object. Alternatively, the super-smoothness of the marble top of this minimally designed Kensal round coffee table would be a stunning surprise in the industrial styled landscape of a living room.

Edale Cream Buttoned Velvet Sofa

  • Size – it is important! A large table works well where there is ample space to accommodate it, but if space is tight, don’t swamp the space. In effect, a well-placed coffee table that shines in the spotlight is as much about dimension as it is about the material. A small glass coffee table will dispatch its function just as well as large round coffee table, complete with a vast expanse of table top.

A round coffee table ticks so many boxes. How do you style yours?