Amazing coffee tables with storage to celebrate Lazy Mom Day

Riya reclaimed wood trunk coffee table

Riya Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table

Come Lazy Mom Day on 7th September, every mum should have their feet up and their entire day spent recharging their batteries.

This, of course, means one thing – a suitable space to put their feet up and enjoy the day lazing about catching up on reading, social media and whatever else the mum in your life likes to do.

If you haven’t got one already, maybe for Lazy Mom Day you should consider investing in an important piece of rustic furniture – a rustic coffee table. But, this time, one with an addition that makes it incredibly popular. Our reclaimed wood coffee table range with storage is literally flying out of the door. But, just why is it so popular? And why are these types of coffee table perfect for Lazy Mom Day?

Coffee tables with storage – the inside story

There are many reasons why this kind of coffee table is popular;


Every piece of rustic furniture in our home needs to tick more than just one box. In other words, it needs to be functional and practical as well as looking great with your existing décor.

The rustic coffee table with storage is universally functional. It suits almost every home and it is deceptively simple, but stylish too.

Size and dimension

A coffee table needs to ‘fit’ the space in which it sits. It should neither be too large nor too small but there is another dimension to consider within a coffee table with storage: depth.

Aimee Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

A wooden storage chest can offer a depth of storage that is perfect in some living rooms, whilst in others, the slightly shallower depths of the rustic coffee table may suffice. Which would you opt for? If you’re not convinced by either, then the simple yet elegant mark of the wooden blanket box is another beautiful option – especially if crafting is a hobby – you can store all you need within your ‘coffee table’ if you choose one of these.

Quinton Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box


Any room or any space will benefit from the addition of a coffee table with storage. Consider putting one in the hallway that will double up as a telephone table, or use one or two in the bedroom as a replacement for a bedside table – ideal if you have a low bed.


And finally, there is a longevity to the rustic coffee table with storage that makes it such a popular choice. Built to last, and to be well-used, with that use only adding to their charm, it’s no wonder that they are becoming ever more popular in the home, and not just in the living room. Durable and sturdy, they’ll last for years of drawer opening and closing, whether you’re looking for keys in the hallway, or getting out reading glasses for a much-needed book break.

So, wherever mom wants to be ‘lazy’ (and let’s face it, she never is) why not consider looking at bringing a coffee table with storage into any room she likes to relax in – and why not bring her a nice coffee to go with it while she puts her feet up too!