Why every house should have a foot stool

3 Brown Leather Footsools

An adaptable, functional and versatile piece of furniture, the worth of the footstool in the modern home is not to be undervalued nor mocked. It is an item that you will wonder how you lived without it by your leather armchair but how do you choose a footstool that is the perfect addition, one that mixes both style and function?

It can be done, and here’s how:

1 Consider all of its uses

The footstool isn’t just for tired and aching feet – it can also act as an impromptu seat for when there are many guests and visitors. It could technically become an occasional coffee table as well as a platform for magazines, newspapers, books and the like.

Brown Leather Storage Footstool

In this case, a footstool with storage would be the ideal solution. As well as a padded top for your aching feet, this rather delicious brown leather footstool is perfect for hiding away clutter when unexpected guests call or for storage of various items including living room toys, magazines and books.

2 Choose the fabric wisely

There are some fantastic examples of upholstered footstools on the market and this makes sense. Luxurious and soft, they make the ideal space for your aching feet.

BUT, fabric may not be as hardy as you want with coffee stains lasting for eternity, spilt tea and juice, sticky marks and fingers and build up on the fabric surface. All these ca leave you with a footstool that looks and feels jaded before its time.

Rattan May Reclaimed Wood and Wicker Storage Side Table

Create a cohesive leather sofa set, for example, by opting for a matching brown leather footstool. Or, opt for another material completely such as a reclaimed wood coffee table-cum-footstool.

The ideal means of choosing the right material is not just style and budget, but where in your home the footstool will be used;

*Living room – opt for a luxurious looking and feeling footstool, such as plush leather footstool that sits well alongside armchair and sofa.

*Hallway – yes, a footstool works in the hallway too, especially one that acts as a hallway storage unit and occasional stool. It is one of the great small hallway ideas if ever there was one.

Rattan May Storage Stool with Cushion

*Toy store – a footstool also works well in the bedroom and the playroom, as well as any area of the home in which toys needs to be stored or other items. In this case, and the hallway, choose a material that is robust and easy to keep clean.

3 Matching styles

The footstool doesn’t have to stand out unless you want it to. We think choosing a footstool that is in harmony with its surroundings makes sense.

For example, choose a sofa or small armchair from the fabulous Triumph or Spitfire ranges, and you’ll find a matching footstool to go with both. Or, if you are opting for a certain style, such as the rustic appeal, you’ll be looking for a material that sits well alongside the key elements, whether it is in the hallway or the lounge.

Spitfire Brown Cerato Leather Sofa, Armchair and Footstool

And so, with this in mind, this rather fabulous rattan storage stool with an upholstered top would make the ideal addition to the living room or even the bedroom or any space where you are welcoming the rustic feel.

From a coffee table with storage to a luxurious leather footstool for your aching, tired feet, success is guaranteed when it comes to choosing the right one if you follow the three key elements set out above.