Are dark colours best for sofas?

Grey Wool Chesterfield Sofa

What would be your choice – a statement colour or the pleasing elegance of light coloured seating? We took to Houzz to ask our followers what they thought and the results were clear…

We Asked, You Answered

We asked which was your preference, light coloured sofas or dark coloured seating. The answer was unequivocal – it was darker coloured sofas. And no wonder, in many ways, because a darker coloured sofa is more practical for a busy household, especially those with children, grandchildren and/or pets running around.

Dark coloured sofas

Darker shades can hide a myriad of sins as well as being a focal point of the room. with the style and size decided, know all you need to do is to choose a colour.


Charlie Leather Chesterfield Sofa

In terms of practicality, a combination of a darker shade with a wipeable material is a must for many customers. Thus the brown leather Chesterfield sofa is a fantastic choice. As well as the colour making a style statement, the classic style and shaping of the Chesterfield along with the button detailing also makes it the stand out piece. Whether you choose this piece or the grey Chesterfield sofa, it’s sure to be a stand out piece.


Grayson Velvet Lounge Sofa

If you want colour, then deciding on light or dark shading of your colour choice is a big step and critical to the success of the sofa in your home. The Grayson lounge sofa comes in velvet or a bespoke finish, and in a colour of your choice. The beautiful orange shade it a sheer delight but be careful with colour on such a long-term item because a strong colour is difficult to manage when you want to change to colour of walls or flooring.

However, we can’t deny the beauty of this on-trend colour, especially with a tan or brown leather armchair framing it.

Sabrin Velvet Armchair

HINT – if you want colour but not too sure that a huge three-seater sofa in mustard yellow will be on trend for years to come, why not opt for a coloured armchair or two instead? Much easier to re-use in other rooms – such as a bedroom chair – a coloured fabric armchair is not so much a compromise but a great stylistic choice.

Lighter coloured sofas

In our eyes, there really is something incredibly elegant and dare we say, a brave stylistic choice when it comes to incorporating a light-coloured sofa in the home. It is the epitome of luxury and although neutral in shade and colour, will be the item that draws the most attention.

Edale Velvet Sofa

Combining colour and style is always a winning combination. Very much like the leather Chesterfield sofa mentioned earlier, the cream sofa with the button back detailing and the beautiful dark wood feet is a statement, if ever there was one. Add yet more glamour with the gold coloured trim on the Hanbury cream sofa.

Traditional Chesterfield Sofa

If cream is too light and too neutral for your taste, you can always welcome a grey Chesterfield sofa into your living room. On the border between a dark colour and a neutral shade, this sofa also makes the perfect choice when you want to remain undecided or unsure of which shade to opt for. You can always switch up the look of the room with modern rugs in a variety of colours.

But don’t forget, no matter whether you choose a light or dark coloured sofa, you need to frame it in all its elegance. And that means a reclaimed wood coffee table that is just the right size, maybe a pretty side table or nest of tables and, of course, an armchair that compliments the entire look.