The beauty of round wood dining tables

Oxford Industrial Round Dining Table

The round dining table is, without doubt, the shape that allows for the most intimacy between those sat enjoying a meal at it, whether this is a formal dinner party of ‘everyday’ family meal.

Sitting at a round wood dining table, whether a Scandinavian dining table or something different allows you to see all the other diners. This is true whether it is a small dining table for four or a huge table for 10 diners or more. Aside from this intimacy and connection, round dining tables offer so much more…

Perfect for smaller spaces

The modern home here in the UK is smaller than that of older properties. This isn’t a problem if you know how to use the space – and a round dining table fits perfectly. The continuity of its shape allows for freer movement in a room.

Simplicity is key to the smaller dining room or kitchen diner not feeling swamped by the round kitchen table but this doesn’t mean the table and chairs set has to be devoid of all detailing and character.

Hambledon Round Oak Dining Table

The Hambledon oak dining table with its spider legs is perfect if you want a significant style note. There is something very beautiful about this table, especially when paired with matching oak chairs that have the heady Scandinavian style about them. Let this round kitchen table sing by not swamping it with overly decorative or styled dining chairs.

Completing the style jigsaw

As well as size, you will need a round dining table that sits well with the style and colours you have chosen for the dining area.

Wycombe Oak Extending Dining Table

Light coloured woods are the ‘easiest’ to incorporate in many ways but if you are dealing with both limited room dimensions and a prominent style then the solution may lie in the beauty and versatility of a round extendable dining table. Keep it neat and compact for everyday use but when you need a little more room, extend it for instantly more space.

Style statement

Like the Hambledon dining table with its spider legs, there are other examples of smaller round dining tables that have detailing that connect with your chosen style. The industrial style is as popular today as it ever was and certainly, in the kitchen diner, it is a practical style.

Oxford Round Dining Table

A superb mix of metal and wood, this round reclaimed wood dining table with an industrial flavour is ideal if you love this style. Its fluted metal pedestal leg is a must and even though you could never describe the industrial style as blousy, there is a dramatic element to it that you can harness and make the most of.

The previous tables have had a pleasing simplicity to them thus the dining chairs used alongside them would be best suited if they too were simply elegant. With this table, you can afford to take a little more drama to the table.

Coloured velvet upholstered dining chairs won’t look out of place – neither would the cool touch of leather upholstered dining chairs – but why wouldn’t you want to turn it up a notch.

Is the round dining table the shape and style you prefer?