Are these the best bedsides for small bedrooms?

Hudson Living Oak Side Table

Effortlessly framing the bed, bedside tables are essential in the bedroom.

But this doesn’t mean it should be devoid of style. What we wanted to know was which bedside table works best in the smaller bedroom. And so we asked a question…

We Asked, You Answered

We took to Houzz and polled our followers on whether the bedside table should be a simple yet chic table or one that offered extra storage. There were four options to choose from;

·the Winchester rustic wooden bedside table

·the Dulwich three-drawer bedside table

·the Onslow reclaimed wood bedside table

·and finally, the Luna 1-Drawer Bedside Table.

The votes were divided but there was one clear winner…

The Winchester

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Bedside

With its refined rustic charm, this wooden side table has everything you could possibly need. Three, deep drawers and a handy pull out sliding surface for when you need a little extra table top space, maybe for your morning tea.

Available in a pair, they offer all this storage without grabbing at the eye. Maybe, it is the simplicity of its design and its fascia that attracts people. Unpretentious and unfussy, it makes an ideal addition to any bedroom.

Rustic it may be, but we think the Winchester bedside table fits well in any bedroom style or design. A beautiful example of reclaimed wood furniture, it will remain the top choice for some time, we feel.

Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Bedside Table

In second place, and not far behind the Winchester bedside table, was the Dulwich reclaimed wood bedside table.

Again, full of rustic, unpretentious charm, this drawers and shelf combination is a popular choice. 

The handy drawers allows for smaller items to be kept safe and the shelf is perfect for piling those must-read bestsellers and paperbacks. Its painted façade is also perfect when considering the range of on-trend decorating ideas for the bedroom.

Onslow Reclaimed Wood Bedside Table

In some ways, we take a complete departure from the previous two example, with the sleek styling of the industrial-inspired Onslow Reclaimed Wood Bedside Table.

At home in the bedroom or the living room, this delightful piece offers simple storage – a table top. It may look unassuming, but just look at its highly polished leg frame and the appeal of the rustic reclaimed wood!

A versatile piece, if ever there was one because, where in the rulebook of interior design does it say that a bedside table or occasional side table can only be used in the bedroom or the living room?

Luna 1-Drawer Bedside Table

Oak bedroom furniture is increasing in popularity and in our opinion, its no wonder. A slow growing tree, oak is a dense, strong wood that takes on a sheen, unlike any other timber we work with.

And it is this pedigree that people love about the Luna 1-Drawer Bedside Table. Tt offers simple storage and again, it mimics Scandinavian furniture with its simplicity. Beautiful rounded legs, its pretty but functional drawer and the smaller expanse of tabletop is ideal in a bedroom where minimalism is required.

This piece doesn’t snag the eye which, in a smaller bedroom, is important in avoiding the overly-cluttered look.

And so, it just leaves one questions – which if these exquisite pieces of reclaimed furniture is your favourite?