How to style bold coloured rugs in the bedroom

Louis de Poortere Fairfield Dark Rug in Bedroom

Louis de Poortere Khayma Fairfield Dark Rug

A bold rug, whether that’s in colour, pattern or both can really make a room, but for even the most experienced of interior designers, seamlessly creating a room around it is daunting.

The bedroom is a great place for a multicoloured, bold rug and so with this in mind, we’ve gathered the hints and tips of top interior designers on how to do it successfully.

Choosing the right colour

Firstly, if you are retro-fitting a bold rug into a room, take a look at what the predominant colour is and work with what you have. This way, it won’t look like the rug has just landed.

For example, if you have dark floorboards and a room full of navy and pastel blue shades, then it makes sense to use a colour that contrasts with this. You can either opt for a similar shade or a similar colour, or, ring the changes with a rug in the colour opposite to the room’s predominant colour on the colour wheel.

Louis De Poortere Foliage Patchwork Rug

In a blue room, for example, an orange rug complemented and supported by orange accessories would look simply stunning. This stunning orange and red rug would work a treat.

Try a bold pattern, in a neutral colour

It isn’t always about colour, but pattern, when it comes to installing contemporary rugs in the bedroom. Most of us opt for a neutral, calming space, ideal for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day.

Louis De Poortere Cameo Rug - Bolshoi Pink

If this is the case, bold coloured bedroom rugs wouldn’t be the option you would plump for. The hint of pink in this contemporary bedroom rug is ideal, or if you want a completely neutral colour to let the pattern stand out, try this Louis de Poortere rug from our collection.

Louis De Poortere Cameo Rug - Pinch of Cinnamon

Design the bedroom around the rug

If you are in the fortunate and exciting position of completely renovating the bedroom, then you are in the position that most designers say we should start from – designing the bedroom around the rug.

Darker tones

This allows an explosion of exciting ideas. For example, the dark blues and navy of this blue rug would look simply stunning against the dark, brooding looks of the Winchester bedroom furniture collection.

Louis De Poortere Vintage Patchwork Rug in Blue Denim

The turquoise rug would work just as well if you felt you needed a lighter tone to the floor.


Strong colours don’t have to overpower but they need to make a statement. And so lighter floorboards and bronze accessories are ideal bedroom-fellows to this delightful red rug for the bedroom.

Louis de Poortere Vintage Patchwork Antwerp Red Rug

Red can be a tricky colour to get right in any room – too dark and it becomes too earthy for a modern, lighter tone reclaimed wood furniture collection but too pinkish in tone and it could be argued it becomes a little insipid.

Red works well with the industrial look – take a peek at how well red, bronze and the Luxe Elm Industrial collection dovetail seamlessly and you will see why.

Lighter tones

A bright, airy and fresh appeal and ambience to a bedroom is perfect for the spring and summer months but that doesn’t mean a yellow rug is only good for half of the year. This patchwork yellow rug is ideal with lighter tone furniture (and darker tones too), a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to create a farmhouse styled bedroom or even one with a hint of the industrial too.

Louis De Poortere Vintage Patchwork Yellow Rug

Is a bold, multicoloured, patterned rug on your shopping list?