It’s world vegan month! Are faux leather dining chairs right for you?

100% vegan for it's world vegan month! Are faux leather dining chairs right for you blog

November is world vegan month where for an entire month the virtues of being vegan is celebrated and promoted. Every year more and more people are choosing a vegan way of life. You may choose to be vegan if you want to reduce the impact on our planet or maybe you want to stop the slaughter of animals for human consumption – perhaps you prefer the health benefits it brings, or all three! It’s a choice thing, giving people the freedom to act on their beliefs.

vegan sandwich for it's world vegan month! Are faux leather dining chairs right for you blog

In food, beauty and fashion products there is now a vegan alternative for pretty much everything, and there are furniture options too. When it comes to chairs you can choose vegan with faux leather dining chairs as a substitute to a leather dining chair. Apart from being vegan-friendly, there are other advantages of opting for a faux leather chair in your home. Firstly, they are usually more competitively priced than leather dining room chairs, and secondly, they are super practical with spills easy to wipe away and much easier than a leather or fabric dining chair – very handy in a home with small children and sticky fingers!

Here are a few of our top picks!

Ethan Faux Leather Lounge Chair 

The Ethan Faux Leather Lounge Chair really look amazing and are super comfortable too. The chairs are sumptuously padded and soft to the touch – the perfect partner for a rustic dining table, don’t you think? With the stylish and sturdy u-shaped metal legs they would also sit well with an industrial dining table, faux leather looks particularly good in an industrial themed room.

Cleo vegan-friendly dining chair & dining bench

This range of dining room seating really is one for the style-conscious. It consists of a variety of seating options ranging from a bench with a back, a bench with no back, grey faux leather dining chairs as well as a counter stool – pretty much every seating option you could need. It’s available in a grey and tan colour too so great if you want to stick to a neutral brown colour scheme in your dining space.

faux leather dining chairs and grey faux leather bench around spider leg dining table

Martin Faux Leather Dining Chair

We love the Pebblewell modern dining chairs with their slightly retro look. Available in a gorgeous brown or grey colour with modern minimalist black legs they are a match for many a reclaimed wood dining table. This is a way to get maximum style into your dining space without the worry of spillages on your dining seats. Featuring black metal legs these vegan dining chairs will also look fabulous with an industrial dining table which is a great way to blend contemporary and industrial style as seen in the latest interior decor publications.

grey faux leather dining chair with wooden dining bench

Although reclaimed wood furniture is not an animal product it is an environmentally friendly way to furnish your home, which is supporting the vegan way of life. It’s the same with mango wood furniture – this is a sustainable by-product so another eco-conscious way to furnish your home. Find out more in our Why is Reclaimed Wood Better? and How Suitable is Mango Wood for furniture blogs.