It’s National Tree Week! Why reclaimed wood is tree friendly

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National Tree Week starts tomorrow, marking the beginning of the winter tree planting season that runs every year in the UK from November through until March. It’s the largest annual tree celebration in the UK and if you love trees and protecting trees like we do, you can take part in lots of events and get planting.

Living sustainably and protecting the planet we live on is close to our hearts here at Modish Living. It’s why we champion reclaimed wood furniture and sustainable furniture, so as well as planting a tree next week, see here how you can help protect our trees by choosing furniture that is eco-friendly.

Why reclaimed wood furniture is eco-friendly

Reclaimed wood furniture is produced from solid wood that is rescued from old buildings that are being demolished or old railway sleepers, even wooden boats. No mature trees are cut down for this and no new trees are being prematurely felled to produce this furniture. We all know that deforestation has a huge effect on the earth’s climate – that’s why over 100 world leaders promised to end deforestation by 2030 at the recent COP26 summit. The wood used retains its original markings giving each piece of furniture uniqueness and individuality. From a rustic sideboard to an industrial coffee table reclaimed furniture is generally crafted and finished by hand – which is a great way to maintain traditional carpentry techniques and jobs.

reclaimed solid wood bed frame with wooden bedside table and small dog on bed

Our Beam and Urban Industrial collections are produced using traditional methods right here in the UK. Everything from a wooden super king bed and bedside tables to reclaimed wood dining tables and industrial wooden dining benches are all produced by hand, to order, from reclaimed local timber.

What is sustainable wood?

Sustainable wood comes from forests that have been responsibly managed and continuously replenished. When it comes to sustainable furniture, mango wood furniture is a great option. A by-product of mango farms, when older trees stop bearing fruit it is chopped down and a new tree planted in its place; instead of the wood being burnt or left to rot, the wood is sold on to furniture manufacturers to transform it into stylish furniture. This not only cuts down on deforestation, but it also gives mango farmers an additional income. Mango wood is a hardwood that lends itself brilliantly to rustic furniture. Beautiful grain patterns, a rich honey colour and natural undulations all give wonderful character as seen in our stunning Canford, Farnham and Ringwood mango furniture collections.

mango wood coffee table with brass hexagonal inlays

What other sustainable furniture options are there?

Rattan is another great choice when it comes to making an eco-friendly, and tree-friendly, furniture purchase. Mainly grown in the tropical forests of South-East Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, Rattan is part of the palm family and needs trees to grow up so it is harvested without the need for trees to be cut down, thus reducing deforestation. It also grows very quickly and is ready to harvest after just two years rather than 20+ years for a tree. Once the rattan is harvested it is left in the sun to dry – this low tech production method has very little impact on the environment. Rattan furniture is a popular choice in homes due to its planet-friendly nature and wonderful style.

rattan dining chairs around reclaimed wood dining table