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Beautiful industrial coffee tables for under £500

Beautiful industrial coffee tables for under £500

The industrial style is going nowhere any time soon. A classic fusion of reclaimed wood furniture sitting pretty with steel, it is a style that flows in any room. For the living room, it a style that presents many opportunities to create a welcoming, warm space with an edge that places it firmly in the top spot.

Key to any room is how the individual pieces combine to offer an easy living experience. The coffee table is one of those pieces that provide functionality but also provide a design statement. Accessible storage is key and when it comes to the industrial look, there is no doubt that a reclaimed wood coffee table is an essential piece.

We have four beautiful industrial coffee tables for under £500, perfect for your budget.

Beautiful simplicity

The Mitcham industrial coffee table is a beautiful piece made from reclaimed oak and black steel. It offers two levels of shelving – the tabletop and a lower shelf, perfect for slipping your novel or magazine for safe storage.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Coffee Table

Robust and durable, this coffee table brings the romance of reclaimed wood into the room but also it brings dimension. If you have a large, three-seater sofa, framing it in its space with a beautiful living room rug and a coffee table brings symmetry and cohesion. The dimensions of this oak coffee table, therefore, serves two purposes: as a coffee table and as a supporting piece for framing your elegant industrial style sofa.

Truly industrial

The industrial style can have a refined appearance as we’ll see with the other industrial coffee tables on our list but if you want to stay true to its roots, you’ll be looking for the rustic charm of reclaimed wood for your industrial living room.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

As a reclaimed wood coffee table, the Standford reclaimed wood industrial coffee table must surely be one of the best. With two doors and a shelf, it offers so many storage solutions that it’s hard to see how this can be topped – and you’ll get change from your £500 budget as this comes in at just under £350.

Rustic, refined, industrial beauty

Retaining the rustic feel but with a refined and contemporary feel, the Rocco industrial oak coffee table glides into position in the living room. The light patina of the wood is in stark contrast to the black steel legwork. Complete with handy drawer space, this is a beautiful piece that will suit not just the living room but any room in fact. We can easily see this slotting in the bedroom as a low bedside table or in the home office or in your reading nook, next to your armchair as an industrial side table.

Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Coffee Table

Unsung hero

The coffee table is the unsung hero in so many homes. It does everything from offer a convenient space for guests to rest their cocktail glasses but also makes an easy-to-reach platform for when your children complete their homework. It is the place where all kinds of bits and pieces are given a home and for this reason, the Industrial Lansdowne coffee table with storage is a popular choice.

Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Coffee Table

Simple. Elegant. Stylish. And yet, it is uber practical with its two drawers and lower shelf for storage. A coffee table with drawers is perfect when you need to quickly declutter for unexpected guests.

All this beauty and function in a style that suits your home and all for under £500. Which industrial coffee table would you choose?

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