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Beautiful unique velvet sofas to fall in love with

Beautiful unique velvet sofas to fall in love with

Fairfield Chester Club Sofa

If you want your sofa to be the crowning glory of a room, you need to a piece full of drama, colour and texture. But that doesn’t mean only opting for strong colours or imposing shapes.

Velvet is the answer. No longer seen as old-fashioned, a velvet sofa brings the subtle glamour to a space that everyone is looking for.

Grey is your friend

When it comes to colour, if you shy away from deep, dramatic tones and shades, then a light grey velvet Chesterfield sofa is the ideal solution. As a colour, grey can be the subtle undertone to a room and when you opt for grey velvet, you get the best of all worlds. Plush to the touch, draw the eye to the sofa with bright, printed cushions and of course, a throw elegantly draped over the arm won’t go amiss either.

Echo sofa and wall colours

Padstow Velvet Sofa

The trick to using colour well in a room, irrespective of its dimensions, is to bring about cohesion. This doesn’t mean everything being matchy-matchy. But keep the same tone of the colour because by doing so, the visual effect pushes the boundary of the room further away without compromising on the cosy feel. This olive Padstow sofa, for example, would look just perfect in a room with darker, dramatic wall colour of a similar shade.

Cream delight

Edale Cream Buttoned Velvet Sofa

Not all colour statements have to dramatic in tone and depth something that is proved by this cream buttoned velvet sofa. Soft and subtle, there are not many living rooms that could cope with such a light upholstered item and it is this ‘daring’ that make this little number stand out. Plus, it works well in a modern or traditional style interior. Better still, it works with earthy colours and brassy tones or light cool blues and moody navy too.

Moody blues (and grey and black…)

Darker colours can be more practical and so when this overtakes your choices, you’ll be pleased to have plenty to choose from. If there is one colour that screams opulence, especially in velvet, it is a dark grey velvet sofa – complete with iconic Chesterfield design and shape. Opt for similar in midnight blue or navy and, of course, for superior-elegance-without-trying, there is nothing better than a velvet black sofa.

Birley Velvet Grey Chesterfield Sofa

The Sideshow

Any sofa, no matter what colour or material, needs to be ‘framed’ in situ and that means collecting and detailing items for the sideshow.

Armchairs are usually commonplace as extra seating, framing the sofa perfectly. As well as velvet armchairs, you may want to consider adding pizzazz in the shape of leather armchairs too (or why not Harris tweed and leather?) an ideal contrast of the smooth and the plush.

Highfield Leather & Harris Tweed Armchair

As well as an armchair or two, a round side table is ideal for placing the sofa firmly at the centre of the eye and complete with a contemporary rug, you have the ideal finish to the room.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a beautiful velvet sofa?

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