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Bring in rustic glamour with the Luxe Kensington reclaimed collection

Bring in rustic glamour with the Luxe Kensington reclaimed collection

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

When it comes to decorating trends, rustic and glamour go hand in glove, something that many people find hard to believe.

The earthiness edginess and shiny opulence of glamour wouldn’t be two elements you would necessarily fit together but as we look at the Luxe Kensington collection through rustic glamour tinted spectacles, we see that this is achievable.

Both with distinct looks, they bring a timeless appeal and a beauty to a home. But as the saying goes, opposites attract and that is certainly true when rustic meets glamour.

Fancy the look? Here’s how to get it with the fabulous Kensington Collection.

#1 MIX wood with lustre

Anything that shines can be defined as lustre and the look of love between rustic and glamour starts with the heady combination of wood and shine.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with glass top

And this is exactly how the Kensington Collection brings alive a room. Not only do the polished metal legs give off a super shiny luxurious glow but adding a glass top to the Luxe Kensington coffee table, for example, or even the Luxe Kensington rustic dining table with added glass is a sheer delight.

#2 BALANCE the glamour with the unrefined edges

Rustic differs from farmhouse in that it has an overall less-refined look. Glamour can be as low key or high-end as possible.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Tables

The secret to a harmonious and seamless rustic glamour interaction is to balance the two key elements. The round Kensington nest of tables, this time with black steel legs, would balance with the luxury of a white sofa, for example.

Alternatively, the addition of modern rugs, even patterned rugs, can bring it all together in a seamless parade of rustic glamour.

#3 ALLOW rustic wood to be a pinpoint in the room

Focal points are places where the eye falls and allows us to make sense of the shape, style and function of a room.

A pinpoint is something we like to use that is a small detail that we recognise after the burst of style has attracted your eye. It’s a bit like the hidden detailing, making the rustic glamour room the space that just keeps on giving.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

In this sense, we think that a piece of rustic sculptural furniture is the ideal solution. The Kensington reclaimed wood coffee table, we think, without the glass top is one of those pinpoint items. Framed by a modern rug, there is something very tactile about rustic wood – the rough surface invites closer inspection.

Let it just sit there, smouldering with sexiness in the rustic glamour landscape.

#4 ADD Luxurious textures

Glamour isn’t just about anything that shimmers and glimmers, although we admit that anything with sparkle attracts us like magpies.

Textures that are soft to the touch, whether that’s a long pile rug underfoot or the chunky knit soft throw on the sofa, wins our vote.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with glass top

There is nowhere better to meld rustic with glamour than in the dining room, as the Luxe Kensington reclaimed wood dining table, with or without glass top shows.

And the glamour could be sat right next to it: velvet dining chairs. Smooth to the touch with deep, passionate colours and shades available adds the hint of glamour that is sheer delight.

Is the rustic glamour figure in your interior design plans?

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