Create an elegant rustic dining area with this collection

Hoxton Oak Dining Table

Hoxton Oak Dining Table and Chairs

Glamour can be anything from bright, shiny bejewelled surfaces to understated elegance that gives rise to a styled room of such beauty that it’s hard to tear your eyes away.

The elements of rustic glamour can be applied to all our collections and so, if like us you plan on making more of when rustic and glamour combine, then you will need to understand how to bring the rustic dining table into the realm of glamour.

Adding an extra dimension – Hoxton and Glamour

The rustic look doesn’t have to be rough sawn to the touch or to the eye, a point proved by the Hoxton rustic oak dining table.

The combination of wood and ‘shiny stuff’ are the two elements that make an interior landscape into a rustic glamour space.

But with the Hoxton range, you will need to retain an air of sophistication when adding ‘shiny stuff’.

How about silver candelabras with tall, slender candles? Or maybe opt for a decadent mirror to adorn the dining room wall? Perhaps it is the nonchalant, casual lean on the Yolanda mirror that makes the glamourous detailed frame stand out.

Textures, textures, textures

We know that texture adds depth and dimension to a style – in other words, it gives the style legs so that instead of it blending into the background, it saunters casually past the eye.

Glamour doesn’t have to be BIG and scream in-your-face. Just upping the tempo by adding a different texture can be enough in the rustic glamour style.

Hoxton Oak Farmhouse Dining Table

For example, against the smoothness – both is touch and finish – to the Hoxton rustic oak trestle dining table, you could add a pinch of texture with upholstered dining chairs.

Fabric dining chairs are surely a luxury at any table they adorn. And with modern rugs to frame it all, you can’t deny there is something simply delightful about such a design scheme.

Do the unexpected

Glamour means different things to different people. But in a rustic glamour landscape, it can be the unexpected that adds to glamour fix in any room.

In the dining room, the addition of a white display cabinet to complement the understated Hoxton rustic dining table could be the very thing that you need.

And behind this glamour, is oodles of storage space that any dining room to keep the dinner service that graces the table when guests gather for one of your amazing, much-talked-about dinner parties.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dresser

The Dorset reclaimed white wood dresser would be ideal, wouldn’t it?

Think shiny things

Don’t underestimate anything that glitters to bring the rustic glamour style to life.

Think reflective surfaces – mirrors and glass – think shiny, polished metal sitting alongside wood.

Think glass vases and uber-elegant hanging pendant lights.

Think statement pieces that make people go ‘wow!’.

Cover the walls with shiny-edged photo frames with the classic black and white photo.

Large Metal and Gold Wall Clock

Think over-sized wall clocks and super-arty canvases.

Think a neutral, understated wall colour so that the grain of the wood of the Hoxton rustic table shines just as much as the shiny stuff…