Celebrate Christmas Card Day by making special cards

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

The first commercial Christmas card appeared in 1843 and ever since, it has been common practice to send pre-printed cards to friends, family and neighbours.

For many consumers, these cards in the 21st Century can seem wasteful and as a result, they send cards to people who live some distance away and then donate a small financial gift to a charity of their choice in lieu of cards.

This is a commendable idea, but we love the idea of handmaking special cards, a great way to show close family and friends, neighbours and colleagues, just how much you think of them. And with December 9th being the annual Christmas Card Day, we thought the time is right to look at creating stunning hand-crafted cards.

How to Create Beautiful Handcrafted Cards

A homemade card, with all its embellishments, is so much more personal and enjoyable than an online Christmas card, don’t you think? And this is why you need these ideas…Christmas Cards Making

  • Get Started

The best time to make handcrafted cards? On a winter’s afternoon, with the fire blazing and a hot chocolate to hand. Don’t forget a Christmas film or plug in your iPod and enjoy a sing-song as you create your masterpieces.

Sit at your reclaimed wood table, with everything to hand, from glitter pens to water-soluble glue – easily washed off fabric dining chairs with warm water and fabric conditioner – sticky stars and more.

You may not be keen on using glitter now that we know how it pollutes the oceans. But, there is a biodegradable alternative! Buy it online from specialist crafts suppliers and have an extra warm glow knowing that your sparkling cards are not damaging the environment.

  • Make a List

If you have a long, long list of who is to receive your handmade cards, you may need to put aside many afternoons and, so we suggest taking time to prioritise your list. Get the kids involved to make handcrafted cards for grandparents and other important people!

  • Have a Drying Area

There is nothing more disappointing than spending all that time create masterpieces to find that as they have dried, they have stuck together. Create a drying space for your cards, essentially when you have glued items. Why not line them up on the kitchen sideboard?

  • Use Photos

There is nothing more personal than including a photo as part of the overall design of the card. You can either use a photo of the recipient or use one of your family, making sure you add plenty of detail and embellishment (you can never have too much!).

Christmas Cards with Children

With so many different ideas to try, there’s really no reason you have to go for shopping Christmas cards again!