The most popular Christmas decor ideas for 2017

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations

With today being exactly THREE WEEKS until Christmas Day, it is the perfect time to start decorating. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy trend report for this festive season to give you some inspiration. Whether you want to mix up your usual decorations with a few new additions, or give something completely new a try, here are the most popular Christmas trends this year.

Nostalgic Celebration

Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

The joyful celebration trend is largely focussed on nostalgia and happy childhood memories and the things you once loved to play with. Add traditional folk art in bright colours, furry animal figures, trinkets from your Grandma’s loft – whatever makes you happy.

Christmas Decoration for Wooden Dining Chairs

The style works wonderfully with handmade furniture complete with quirky features. It’s about having fun with your decor. Why not drape pine over the back of your chair and dangle cute ornaments, like the reindeer featured below. You could even add different ornaments all the way around – a snowman, a penguin Father Christmas – whatever Christmas means to you.


If you prefer the look of comfy winged armchairs, reclaimed wood furniture and a cosy fire, almost like a wintery log cabin, perhaps a more traditional Christmas decor scheme is the way to go for you.

Knitted Christmas Bauble Decoration

The traditional Christmas decor is all about using raw materials and focussing on high quality craftsmanship. Add earthy tones like brown, forest green and almond with a pop of red here and there to create that warming country Christmas you’ve been dreaming of. If you can knit, a stocking or two hung above the fireplace or perhaps even some knitted baubles on your Christmas tree would look gorgeous and are things you can pass on. Alternatively, if you can sew, how about creating a couple of embroidered cushions to pop on your armchair?!

Bring the Outside In

As for hallway decorating ideas, this trend is a great one – elegant, classic and sparkly – its a real people pleaser. This style is inspired by natural themes of water and ice and is all about creating an airy, delicate space with the use of soft linen, glass and metallics like gold.

Christmas Decor Hallway

Add pinecones and little bells to your Christmas tree to create a beautiful understated look. Make sure to add plenty of fairy lights to your Christmas tree, as well as throughout your home, create a magical display. Drape them around the dresser in your kitchen, around the handrail up the stairs, on the fireplace or around bed frames to turn your home into a modern, elegant Santa’s grotto!

Chic Geometry

Industrial decor has certainly made quite the impact on interior design in the past couple of years. Quickly becoming a firm favourite, ultra contemporary furniture with sleek lines and metal elements needs something equally as fun and contemporary to bring it to life at Christmas.

This eye-catching trend is about injecting strong colours and geometric shapes, as seen in modern art to create a powerful, modern Christmas scheme. Go for bright colours, or even a monochrome scheme to create the look adding items like terrariums, blocky wooden Christmas trees and angular tree decorations to make the most of this new Christmas decor trend. The Geometry trend is certainly one you can have some fun with!

And how about something more unique…

Pineapple Christmas trees are big news for 2017. A great way to add tropical flare to your dining table, there are so many ways you can use pineapples to decorate – and it’s a fairly inexpensive option too! You could hang baubles on the pineapple leaves, add lights or spray a trio of pineapples silver, gold and bronze for a fantastically unique display. Will you be giving this trend a go before it is relegated to a trend of Christmas past?

Pineapple Christmas Decorations

And what about a Christmas tree completely out of the box? A couple of years ago, when they first launched, many people were skeptical of the upside down trees, (and again last year when the world was introduced to half trees, the compact option perfect for small spaces). But they’re back again and they’re actually quite genius! A topsy-turvy tree may be the perfect option if you are looking to make a statement, or bring a modern twist to Christmas decor. And, as mentioned, if you are looking to save space to fit everyone in the living room on Christmas morning, or around the table for lunch, a smaller, half tree may be a fantastic alternative.

So what do you think? Will you be sticking to traditional Christmas decor this year or give something new a try? We’d love to know your thoughts.