Choosing the best upholstered dining chairs for your interior style

Faux Leather Dining Chairs in Dining Room

Choosing dining seating is an important decision. Like your dining table, they will need to flex as your style decisions change. We took to Houzz to ask people’s opinion on the type of dining seating they would opt for and the answers were interesting. Why not take a look?

Elegant, modern rustic

Kensal Wooden Dining Table

What we wanted to know was whether you would place wider chairs with armrests at either end of a dining table, using the Kensal dining table as an example. A versatile dining table made from mango wood, the choice of dining chairs allows it to take on every style including the elegance of the modern rustic.

Roxy Upholstered Dining Chair

The responses were evenly split between choosing two wider chairs or opting for the same set of dining chairs. However, if you want the modern rustic appeal with this table, you could opt for upholstered dining chairs with arms from the Roxy range as well as opt for their leaner version of the cream upholstered dining chairs without armrests.

Roxy Cream Upholstered Dining Chair

The cohesion and symmetry brought by the colour and fabric, as well as the style of the chairs, gives a beautiful finish within the modern rustic setting.

True rustic style

Mistakenly, people assume that the rustic furniture style means a rough edge and texture. But what it means is that the refinement applied in the build makes the overall beauty of a piece of furniture. There is a natural refinement to it with pieces like the Chelwood reclaimed wood dining table have plenty of character and personality. Using reclaimed wood furniture fits right in, of course, and not just because of its rustic appeal but because it has individuality and uniqueness.

Chelwood Extendable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Dressing this rustic dining table with the ‘right’ dining chairs takes thought.

Daling Cream Upholstered Dining Chair

Cream upholstered dining chairs with a button back adds instant appeal and elegance. If you are one of our followers who is not so keen on wider dining chairs with arms, then opting for a complete set of these chairs would complement this table perfectly. Or, for a change of note in style, the Luxe Ivy dining chairs with arms in the same colour and with similar detailing would make the perfect pair of stand out dining chairs.

Luxe Ivy Cream Upholstered Dining Chair

Farmhouse style

If rustic furniture has a slight diamond in the rough appeal about it, then the farmhouse style would be described as the polished finish. Oozing warmth with wood and colour schemes, the painted frame and bare wood top of the farmhouse kitchen table is surely a favourite with everyone.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

This is the style that has practicality and function at its core but this should ever be at the expense of style and beauty. If there is one style where the ‘mix and match’ style can come in, it is in this one.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair

These beautiful painted wooden dining chairs with upholstered seats are ideal for use with this farmhouse kitchen table. If wide, grand dining chairs at either end doesn’t feel quite right, then opt for a note change in material. Rattan dining chairs, complete with upholstered seating pad, would make an ideal foil against anything being too ‘matchy-matchy’. Without ditching farmhouse style principles, rattan being a natural material, these chairs fit right in.

Rattan Dining Chair

Which is your favoured style? Would you opt for a change in your dining table seating?