How to style an industrial dining table with upholstered dining chairs

Kingsbridge Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Velvet Dining Chairs

There is an assumption that when it comes to the industrial style, there is no option for including dashes of colour. There is a utilitarian nature to the industrial look, with everything streamlined and clean with a nod to the industrial heritage of old. But that doesn’t mean it has to be sparse or devoid of texture and detailing.

But it can be difficult to introduce colour without it looking brash and out of place. And so rather than adding coloured accessories such as a large pink vase or a statement colour pendant light, adding colour furniture can bring the cohesion that an industrial style room needs. Using coloured dining chairs in the dining room is a perfect example of how to introduce colour that adds drama to the industrial furniture style.

Choosing the reclaimed wood dining table

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Dining Table

On the one hand, the industrial dining room is all about simplicity and so the raw feel and appeal of this reclaimed industrial dining table is a great place to start. Or you can always add small but noted detailing such a parquet design tabletop industrial dining table. Whichever option you choose, coloured dining chairs add a certain depth to a reclaimed wood industrial dining table.

Tips on creating cohesion within the industrial style

You can use colour and by following these hints and tips, you’ll find ‘matching’ coloured upholstered dining chairs to your dining table a cinch;

  • Opt for colours that fit naturally within the style

If you are concerned that bright colours will jar against the industrial backdrop of your industrial 6-seater dining table, then opt for a colour and a shade that is close to the industrial look. Taupe, beige, tan or even grey upholstered dining chairs would sit beautifully alongside an industrial dining table.

  • Mix it up

If you want to make more of a statement, there is no denying that coloured dining chairs will hit the spot. In some instances, peoples have chosen a different colour for each seat or, if this rainbow approach doesn’t appeal, then opt for three dining chairs in one colour and the remaining three chairs in another. For high drama choose two contrasting and strong colours such as rich navy and fuchsia pink or if you want less of a hit, opt for complimentary colours such as softer blue dining chairs with a pleasant taupe colour.

  • Think material

If you are unsure of coloured dining chairs, you can always add extra detailing with the choice of dining chair upholstery. Velvet dining chairs, for example, add texture – who can resist the softness of velvet plush? – which means they still pack a punch even in a neutral colour such as taupe or grey.

Luxe Macy Grey Upholstered Dining Chair

  • Think shaping

Another means of adding drama with dining chair seating is to consider the overall style of the chair. Adding colour won’t work in the industrial style dining room if there are too many competing elements. Thus, choose either one colour with different seating styles or one seating style with different colours. Try to keep the material the same, whichever option you choose.

Emirates Grey Upholstered Dining Chairs

A linen upholstered dining chair with arms, for example, in the colour of your choice adds the hint of luxury you need. Choose a neutral colour for the industrial style, bringing in a note of change with dining chairs without arms if you feel this is needed.

Are you brave enough to add colour to the industrial style landscape?