Clever style tips for a welcoming home office

Clever style tips for a welcoming home office - Modish Living

The home office is not always a place you work in isolation. At some point, you may welcome clients into your home office space and that means giving it a facelift so it looks appealing, stylish and professional. You can’t get away with a stark home office desk with not much décor – and why would you want to – even if it is only you that will see it!

Add texture with soft furnishings and office rugs

You may not have thought to add an abundance of soft furnishings such as scatter cushions or a large grey rug to the sofa or small armchair in your office, but, trust us, it will instantly lift the space by adding texture. There is a sumptuous luxury associated with fabrics, especially in a productive and creative space such as the home office.

Louis De Poortere Fading World Salt and Pepper Grey Rug

Don’t forget scent

Another factor that lifts the room and makes it a welcoming, inviting space is the scent. From fresh flowers for a visually appealing addition to the gentle perfume of diffusers and premium, luxury candles, adding an understated scent to a space will add an instant welcoming note.

Rathbornes White Pepper and Honeysuckle Luxury Candle

Make the most of the space with informal seating

If you can’t fit an upholstered sofa into your home office, take a look at adding two small armchairs and a reclaimed wood coffee table opposite your reclaimed wood desk to make an informal meeting space. If you don’t want to add swathes of colour, opt for the neutral but warm tones of a leather armchair or two. If there is one material that oozes sophistication it is leather.

Triumph Cerato Brown Leather Armchair

Place sculptural forms on reclaimed wood furniture

Storage in the home office is essential because it means you have on display only the things you want people to see and admire. Reclaimed wood furniture is beautiful in any room and in the home office, it brings the perfect stylistic notes that you are looking for. Crown this glory with beautiful sculptural objects that emphasise your good taste to your clients.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Create a statement art wall

There is nothing more understated than an expanse of clear, painted wall but if you are not overly keen on being too minimal, then creating a ‘wall of art’ is the ideal solution. Choose pieces of artwork that have connections either in style or colour. Using different sizes of frame and mixing and matching artwork, create a wall of art that your clients will enjoy looking at and admiring.

Be organised & deal with clutter!

It may be that for the majority of the time, you work alone in your home office with client meetings being only an occasional occurrence – or it could be the opposite. Either way, clients will form an impression as soon as they enter your home office, so you need to be sure that it is sending the right signals. And that means being organised. Deal with clutter and make sure there are plenty of storage solutions that keep the office tidy.

Frame office furniture in the room

Just like in other rooms in your home, for the office to look balanced and symmetrical, reclaimed wood office furniture needs to be framed. At its simplest, this means grouping items together in a way that makes sense. For example, a rug, two small armchairs, a coffee table or side table with a lamp will instantly appeal to your client, as will a tidy desk and a stylish focal point in the room.