Guest friendly round dining tables

Standford Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Leather Chairs

The round dining table is a joy, is it not? From everyday family meals to more formal occasions, the round dining table is perfect every time. But why else do we really love it?

Social dining at its best

You may not have noticed but at a large rectangular table, some guests are ‘in the shadow’. The angular nature of the shape means that no one person has a true view of the table and its guests. But not with the round dining table. Even a 6-seater dining table circular in shape will see every guest is able to connect no matter where they sit.

There’s no head-of-the-table

It was – and still is in some settings – the dominant position. Whoever sat at the head of the table was in charge, whether that is the dining table or the conference table. Today, in the boardroom of forward-thinking business, there is a round conference table. If you want to emulate the same in your dining room or kitchen, then a round kitchen tableis perfect (and there’s one to fit every style too!).

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table and Chairs

Extendable too

Are you stuck for space but still want the versatility of a table that expands when guests arrive for lunch or dinner? Like other shapes, the circular table can extend. In fact, when it comes to versatility in the dining room or kitchen, the extendable round dining table has it all. Shrinking and growing when needed, it is perfection and ideal when space is limited.

Wycombe Extending Oak Round Dining Table and Chairs

Allows flow in a space

Whether you have plenty of space to walk around the perimeter of your dining table or not, the small round dining table is certainly better for encouraging flow in the room. It is the curves of the table that allow this to happen but if you think this means it won’t make an impact, think again. To make a statement, choose a statement dining table such as the beauty and warmth of an oak dining table.

Alton Weathered Oak Round Extending Dining Table

Welcomes guests without awkward banging of the knees

There is nothing worse than inviting guests for dinner only to have your diners squashed around the dining table, knees banging awkwardly on the table legs. A round dining table and chairs, especially one with a pedestal leg, is versatile and means that the table is easy to sit at, no matter how many diners sit around its perimeter – but you’ll need a large round dining table if you plan on hosting a big group.

Worcester Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table


With no angles and sharp edges, there are no dangers posed to children head height with the dining table – no bumps and bruises. There is also something extraordinary appealing about the function of a round dining table in the family home. Match this is with the right style for you – how about an industrial round dining table, for example? – and you have the ideal dining table that will last for years and years.

Standford Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

These are just a few reasons why we love the round dining table. It can be dressed up – just look at it with upholstered dining chairs! – along with linen napkins and a tablecloth just as it can be a functional, family dining table that covers all bases.