How to be an Airbnb host with the most

Florence Upholstered Dining Chairs and Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Whether you are renting out a whole property or your spare room, being the host with the most ensures you not only get rave reviews but people come back time and again to your Airbnb property. But when it comes to the kitchen, what will your visitors expect?

You beautiful rustic kitchen will attract a lot of attention. The rustic dining table will be the scene of many happy meals for travellers from across the globe. But what will make you stand out above all others?

The basics offered with style and luxury

It may only be a fruit bowl full of fruit, but it’s stylish, like the pepper and salt mills, the dining table with beautifully crafted wooden dining chairs… you get the picture. Make sure you offer all the basics but do so with a little extra twist of luxury and style. A kitchen sideboard, well decorated, can provide a lovely welcoming feel.

Standford Medium Reclaimed Wood Industrial Sideboard

A superbly equipped kitchen (and property)

Many travellers book Airbnb because they get the best of all worlds. They get home from home with added luxury as well as recommendations from local people about where to eat, where to visit and so on. A superbly equipped kitchen is therefore essential so you’ll need to be at the top of your game for making sure your kitchen is Airbnb ready. Of course, it goes without saying that styling the kitchen should be top of your list too, with the same happening for all the rooms in your Airbnb rental. A great touch would be placing local items of interest in a folder on the rustic sideboard.

Be aware of who your traveller is

Leisure travellers will have different needs than the business traveller who may only require a small kitchen table etc, which is why Airbnb itself has recognised this with a ‘business traveller standard’ for people wanting to offer their properties exclusively to those travelling for business. As well as a stylish kitchen, you’ll need to make sure that there are plenty of charging points for phones and laptops, along with valuable information on the area such as maps, where to park and so on.

Make it personal

Airbnb is unique in so many ways but what sets it apart from travelling and staying in hotels, for example, is the personal touch. Travellers will expect personality (but not your stuff all over the property or room!). Welcome them with a personalised pack of what’s on, where to go and if you can, greet and bid farewell to your guests in person but consider how this affects the appeal of your rental too. For example, upholstered dining chairs, a high-quality reclaimed wood dining table.

Florence Cream Fabric Dining Chairs and Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The little things matter

Something as pleasant as setting the table for their first breakfast in your kitchen, complete with white napkins and a beautiful linen table runner with cutlery set out ready and ingredients in the fridge will make all the difference.

Lovely Linen White Napkin

Be responsive

Another tip that other successful Airbnb give is to be responsive to guests’ needs. And that means understanding who your guests are before they arrive and what their needs may be. This forethought means a lot to your guests and so kitchen basics is just way of getting it right. But travellers and hosts agree, going beyond the basics is key to being the Airbnb host with the most!