Colourful seating to brighten your interiors this summer

2 Dining Chairs with Moon Wool Seating and Dark Wooden Legs

Grayson Lounge Velvet Sofa

With summer sunshine comes summer colours and there is no better time to introduce pops of colour into the home that during the warmer summer months. But this doesn’t necessarily mean painting the walls or opting for vibrant-coloured cushions – it can mean choosing coloured items for the home, such as dining chairs.

But what if…?

… you invest in coloured items of furniture only to find that comes the following season, the look is out of date?

Adding colour doesn’t mean taking a gamble. It doesn’t mean opting for super-modern. Contrary to popular opinion, there are some classic coloured pieces that fit with not only any home but any style, no matter how they change over the coming months or years.

The Dining Room

With your bespoke reclaimed wood dining table taking centre stage, you don’t necessarily want anything else to grab at its limelight. Instead, you want dining chairs that complement it.

Coloured dining chairs are ideal, adding a hint of classic colour that supports, not detracts from the beauty of your dining room furniture.

If colour makes you nervous, why not add an understated pattern? The elegant roll back dining chairs come in a range of finishes, from leather to coloured Moon wool and Harris Tweed, with exquisite patterning.

The Living Room

The main room where you all socialise and relax deserves more than a hint of colour. And again, mix colour with a classic design and you have a successful amalgamation of colour with your chosen interior style.

Wellow Leather Armchair

From the modern to the minimal, the beauty of red leather is never lost. The exquisite Wellow chair invites you into its comfy confines of rolling arms and deep seat, the perfect place from which to catch the Saturday night movie or curl up with a good book.

And don’t forget texture and colour too. By introducing a different feel to the fabric, you introduce more depth to a pace. A velvet armchair in a fresh, exciting colour would do just fine, wouldn’t it?

The Floor

In any room or space in the home, from the bedroom to the landing, to the hallway to the living and dining areas, the floors are often underused when it comes to adding colour to the home.

Choosing neutral colours and shades is all well and good – they are safe, after all, and outlast any interior design fad – but sometimes, a space just needs something ‘extra’.

Louis de Poortere Depp Blue Abyss Rug

And it doesn’t have to be a strong colour or an eye-popping, in-your-face-colour-statement either. Colours that hide and tease a little are perfect, like those shades of blues, sea green and pretty lemon in the Louis de Poortere rug range. How about the cool blue colour, tangled with grey like in the Mad Men blue rug? Perfect. We think, for framing anything from living room chairs to the dining room, the bedroom…

Using Colour the Simple Way

Colour is to be applauded. It brings depth and interest, but summer colours don’t have to be bright and golden. They can be understated, fresh with a touch of luminosity. Enjoy!