Create a bedroom to boost your wellbeing

A white bouquet of flowers on a wooden bedside table next to a white bed

A white bouquet of flowers on a wooden bedside table next to a white bed

With the New Year – and a new decade – upon us, our thoughts turn to how we can welcome healthier habits into our lives. From making better food choices to being more active, we want to make changes that benefit our physical and emotional wellbeing. Sleep is an important factor in both of these things but how can you create a bedroom that supports your wellbeing by promoting better sleep?

1 Calming colours

Calm colours – muted shades of green, blue, yellow and pink as well as neutral hues such as cream and beige – are perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to a bedroom. Avoid colours that are stimulating and brash.

2 Choose natural materials

A reclaimed wood bed in a dark finish with navy blue bedsheets

As well as a muted colour palette, surrounding yourself with strong hints of nature help to create a restful boudoir. Reclaimed wood furniture for the bedroom is perfect and so a wooden double bed such as an oak bed is a wonderful choice.

3 Create symmetry and harmony

A small bedside table made of reclaimed beam

A restful space is one that is pleasing on the eye and so as well as oak bedroom furniture and muted shades on the walls, you also want to introduce symmetry and harmony by using complementing pieces. Likewise, you also want the space to be functional and so bedside tables are a must, along with other essential items such as a dressing table with drawers and so on.

4 Think about lighting

With the room furnished, you now need to ‘set the scene’ and lighting plays a key role. Layer light so you have a functional option, essential for when you want to see what you are putting away in the large chest of drawers – but softer lighting when you want to bring the day to a close with restful sleep.

5 Appeal to your sense of smell too

Scent plays an important role in helping the brain to slow down and switch off ready for sleep. Scented candles are a great addition to the bedroom as are diffusers, small reeds infused with a beautiful scent of your choice. Take care with candles in the bedroom as you don’t want to fall asleep and leave the candle burning on the dressing table with drawers.

6 Add a plant (or two)

A Scandi style chest of drawers in light oak

There has been a growing trend of introducing plants to interior design, a popular choice for many of us. Plants are great in the bedroom because as well as being a welcome hint of colour, they also look great alongside oak bedroom furniture and other wooden furniture in the bedroom. An evergreen, easy-to-care-for aloe vera plant, for example, will be a great addition to the large chest of drawers.

7 De-clutter and stay tidy

With the right bedroom storage in the shape of reclaimed wood wardrobes, chest of drawers and a console or dressing table, keeping surfaces free from clutter should be easy. A clean and tidy bedroom is certainly a more welcoming one than one that is cluttered and too ‘busy’.

A calming, restful space promotes relaxation and sleep. Is this how you would describe your bedroom?