5 Ways To Bring Natural Light Into Your Home

Wycombe dining set with plants

With the days short and the nights long, daylight is in short supply. And when the sun doesn’t get to shine through the thick layer of cloud, it’s a sad reality that we live in the shadows throughout winter. Making the most of precious daylight in the home just got easier with these five hints and tips.

1 Go Scandinavian with light woods

The Scandinavian style is appealing during all seasons but in winter, it comes into its own. Using Scandinavian furniture will help to accent light in the home, but still be fetching when you want the feeling of cosiness.

A Scandi style dining table with matching benches made of light oak

Pale oak is a beautiful timber for all types of furniture, from a wood dining table to cabinets and sideboards.

2 Embrace Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design is simple yet elegant, warm and pleasing to the eye, just one of reasons why we love it.

As well as using a light wood such as pale oak, the dimensions and rounded edges of this kind of design sets it apart from other designs and styles, enhancing any room.

It is rare to see dark wooden items in Scandinavian furniture, with the lighter style still bringing the snug and comfort we all need at this time of year.

3 Embrace light that enhances natural daylight

Dimmable lights are a must as there are times when you need a little extra light to be able to see but you don’t want bright lights that block out natural light.

As well as dimmable lights, consider opting for lighter, barely-there shades for the winter months too, such as a pendant ceiling light with either a bamboo or rattan shade.

A collection of rattan and bamboo pendant lights

Glass table lamps on the hall console table are also ideal for throwing light into shady corners, as well as in the living room and other areas of the home.

4 Wash those windows

It may not be your favourite household chore but keeping your windows clean inside and out will make a difference to how much light penetrates your home.

There is also something very satisfying about being able to see clearly through a sparkling clean window. If you don’t have the time, there are plenty of window cleaning companies who clean both interior and exterior windowpanes.

5 Make the most of reflective surfaces

Reflecting the precious little daylight there is in the home over winter is also key to optimising its presence. And this is where reflective surfaces come in to play.

Opt for glass cabinet doors for display units, for example, as well as plenty of mirrors across the home. Place a wall mirror opposite a window to get the most out of daylight and reflect it throughout the space.

A floor mirror with a metal window glass design

A floor mirror is not just for the bedroom either, with the hallway or landing also appreciating a wall mirror to play with the light.

Embracing natural light in our homes plays an important role in our wellbeing. How do you maximise light in the darker winter months?