Tips to create rustic glamour in the dining space

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Dining Table in dining room

Rustic glamour is the seamless combination of wood and anything that shines. All our collections lend themselves to this popular, on-trend interior design style – including the industrial edge of the Maddox Collection – but only if you know how.

So here’s how to do it.

Let the key elements ‘shine’

The key elements of the rustic glamour look are wood and anything that shines, from glass to clear plastics, to mirrors and more.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Dining Table

Both need their opportunity in the rustic glamour landscape to shine. All this comes rolled into one with the Maddox reclaimed wood dining table.

Just look at the beauty and warmth of the wooden table top on this rustic dining table perfectly foiled by the mirrored metal legs. Doesn’t it make your spine tingle?!

Sticking with the dining room scene for the moment, the matching Maddox display unit in the background emphasises this – just in case you hadn’t notice the effortless rustic glamour chicness of the room – with the mirrored metal display units being the cohesive narrative the room needs.

Get personal

Sometimes, the accessories are the things that support and bolster a style and the rustic glamour fusion is no different.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Display Unit

As well as adding your own family photos to the wall and the Maddox display units and bookcases, add those statement words and signs that you see too.

From ‘love’ to ‘family’, the rustic glamour style is all about spelling it out so that everything is clear and obvious.

Luxurious textures

It doesn’t seem possible but the rustic glamour style, even with the most beautiful reclaimed furniture can fall flat, just like other styles, and that is because the textures are too one dimensional.

Texture can be the flippant surprise that catches people off guard and makes them sit and take notice. It is important in this fusion of because everything can be so obvious that adding a hint of luxury as an undertone is just what’s needed.

Madison Velvet Dining Chair

Fabric dining chairs can be wool, velvet dining chairs or hardwearing cotton ones. The detailing on some of our dining chairs are also perfect foils for the industrial sharpness of the Maddox collection, bringing yet more glamour.

Of course, that doesn’t mean leather dining chairs are out of the frame – far from it. In fact, leather is a material that oozes sophistication, a sub-species of glamour in the interior design world.

Can you have too much glamour?

We doubt it.

The more obvious it is, the more rustic glamour the room becomes. There is an edginess to the Maddox Collection that we know customers love because it has more than a hint of the unexpected.

Adding yet more glamour and shine with separate pieces brings the collection to life, but dampens those angles and lines, without blunting its on-trend industrial demeanour.

Choose artwork that is so far from the industrial look that you think it won’t work – that’s glamour.

Choose items that have an elegance all of their own– that’s glamour.

Why not opt for a traditional addition or even an antique shelving unit – that’s glamour – because it is unexpected. And this alone creates the fusion that a rustic glamour landscape needs.