Creating a Nordic Look for Your Home with Wood and Leather

Nordic Home Design with Wood and LeatherThe Nordic look is appealing to many people. Simple and striking in design, it is a functional design scheme. There are many ways to incorporate the Nordic look from the right flooring solutions and furniture, and here, we talk you through the 10 most important facets to creating the Nordic look in your home this season.

  1. The Floor

Wall-to-wall carpets are a rarity in Scandinavian countries, so team your living room furniture with wooden floors, finished in a light colour.

  1. Colour

White walls, mixed with blue and grey fabrics and rugs are perfect for creating a Nordic ambience in your home. We love the look of a deep, earthy brown leather chair sitting alongside a light-coloured floor, with light blue throw to add texture to the scene.

  1. Materials

Natural materials are a must. There is nothing contrived about the Nordic look - nothing that works too hard to be noticed or separate in the design scheme. Opt for wood – and plenty of it – with leather for seating and other well-placed accessories.

  1. Form

Clean lines are key to an interior design taking its cue from a Nordic feel. For example, opt for a leather armchair in black or tan that is uncomplicated, with smooth flowing lines and generous curves.

  1. Function

Every room in your home needs to be practical and functional. Nordic homes have a minimalist design, without being devoid of character. Function is vital however, and that applies to everything, from every piece of furniture to every accessory you choose.

  1. Furniture

Eye-catching yet pulled together. This is how you need to be able to describe everything in a Nordic interior, from the leather club chair to the magnificent dining table.

  1. Fireplace

Scandinavian winters are harsh and therefore an open fire is a must. In the UK we make the fire the focal point of the room, but Nordic tradition places them in the corner of a room. Nordic fires are usually simple columns in design adding warmth to a room without being the main feature.

  1. Eco-Friendly

The Scandinavians have been quick to embrace environment-saving technology and processes. Triple glazing, superior wall and roof insulation, ground source heat pumps… all are more or less standard and should be considered wherever possible to create true Nordic feel to your home.

  1. Inside/outside room

It may be cold, but an inside/outside room can be idyllic and with the right heating system, having an inside/outside room means you too can enjoy the beauty of winter without feeling the cold.

  1. Minimal accessories

Declutter! There is no need for stacks of ornaments or a sculpture on every surface. Choose key accessories wisely and use them sparsely across the home.

The Nordic look is an interesting, simple, elegant interior design style. Sit back in a sumptuous black leather chair, enjoy the warmth of a roaring fire, and enjoy the peaceful ambience of your Nordic inspired home by employing the tips above.

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