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Our styling tips for a leather sofa or armchair
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Our styling tips for a leather sofa or armchair

If you love the look and feel of a leather couch or armchair, but are not sure how it will blend with the rest of your living room furniture, you've come to the right place. With investment furniture pieces such as these, it's important to know how to keep it relevant as interior trends come and go to avoid them falling into the outdated trap. To make sure your leather seating looks the part season after season, read on for our top styling tips.

Why we love leather furniture

Hard-wearing and versatile

An armchair or sofa upholstered in leather is bursting with benefits. Aside from its luxurious style and versatile design which can complement almost any interior, it’s truly one of the most hard-wearing and durable fabric seating options. Leather boasts longevity and over time it will only ever look better with age. General wear over the years adds to the furniture's character, the common creases and natural changes in colour help create a beautiful, unique patina. It’s handy to know that leather can also withstand most food and beverage spills, repel the collection of dust mites and pet hair and won’t absorb smells the same way other fabrics will, reducing maintenance and keeping your living space both looking and feeling fresh. What's not to love?

Adds instant warmth and personality

If you have a modern home, a leather armchair is just what you need to give your space character. If your living room is lacking personality, bring home a touch of the countryside-chic with a weathered brown leather armchair paired with some rustic furniture for a warm and comforting feel. Weathered leather, also known as aniline leather, is rich with natural features, bearing all of its original markings and scars. Unlike printed reproductions, the authenticity showcases the leather's history making this the perfect addition to add some character to your home. If the farmhouse style isn’t your vibe, you can also use leather seating to add mid-century charm, an industrial loft-living look or a classic revisited feel to elevate modern homes.

Best colours to pair with a brown leather sofa or armchair

If you’re wondering what colour interior goes best with your leather seating, white and neutral walls will always create a sophisticated, clean lo ok whilst giving your leather seating centre stage. The minimalism will really bring the leather to life and create a visually interesting focal point in your living space. Leather also looks fantastic with a lick of colour. Olive greens and watery blues are commonly seen with brown in nature, which explains why they create such an inviting environment when paired with a dark brown leather sofa. 

white living room with brown leather sofa

Turn up the heat with vibrant reds, yellows or oranges, the warmer side of the colour wheel can look great when paired with dark leather seating. Light to medium leather however can look outdated if overwhelmed in warm tones, so be sure to mix it up. To make a statement, pair a black or dark brown leather sofa with a citrine yellow feature for a striking yet modern contrast. If a dark interior is more your mood, be cautious not to drown out your leather couch, especially if it’s on the darker side of brown. Balance darker leather with lighter accents, such as cushions or mango wood furniture to ensure your seating doesn’t get lost in its surroundings.

Bring in texture and fabrics

Mixing your leather seating with different fabrics and textures will break up the monotony and help create balance throughout your space. A room full of leather will feel overwhelming, try styling your seating with natural linens, sumptuous velvet pillows and a traditional pale rug to soften the leather and stay on-trend. If you are thinking about mixing and matching fabric and leather seating, pairing modern fabric sofas with a leather armchair will instantly create a comforting and welcoming room, the contrast of fabrics and textures will inject the perfect ratio of style, warmth and charm into the space. If you’re feeling adventurous, introduce a splash of the exotic with a traditional Moroccan-style throw. The abstract pattern will help create more depth and be sure to catch your guest's eye.

brown leather sofa with large green house plants

How will you style your brown leather sofa or armchair? Leave a comment below and let's start a conversation! To discover more interior styling tips take a look our Ideas & Inspiration or if this has tempted you to buy a brown leather sofa or armchair, visit us at Modish Living and browse our collection.

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