Creative tips that will make your office space amazing

Home Office

Home Desk Office

If you work from home, a production office space is the best way to provide motivation. But often home office furniture can be far more functional than inspiring. To bring your home office to life, here are a few of our creative tips to make your office space amazing.

The view

A home office really centres around the desk. So make sure it is the perfect spot to maximise productivity.

If you have a pretty view out your window, make the most of it by pushing your desk up against the window. A large window brings in loads of light and will keep you feeling awake all day (even on the gloomiest winter days) and means you can occasionally glance out of the window. Who knows – perhaps you might find your most creative ideas come when watching the birds in your garden! The smallest offices are best suited to the desk being against the wall, creating space to move and ensuring the room doesn’t feel cluttered.

Home Office with Wooden Shelves

If you have a larger space, you may wish to have a floating desk at the centre of the room. This creates a really sophisticated feel and paired with a stylish desk chair and a large rug underneath the desk creates a plush-feeling office you’ll enjoy spending time in. This is also a fantastic option if you ever need to hold meetings at home with space for colleagues to sit at the other side of your desk so you can talk face-to-face.

The furniture

Start with your desk and chair – if you are going to be sat at a desk all day, it is crucial that you create a comfortable spot to do so! The Oldman desks are perfect if you are looking for a rustic style with a contemporary twist. Not only would it make a beautiful home office desk (whether it’s against a wall or positioned as a floating desk), it can be made to order to fit your room perfectly. Alternatively, the Carter Rustic Desk provides a stylish finish and lots of storage to keep all your office essentials on hand.

Carter Rustic Wooden Office Desk

Then comes seating. A leather office chair is great for the perfect compromise between comfort and style. If you have your heart set on a chair that spins, the Parker Chair is fantastic. Alternatively, the simple style of the Hudson Living Capri Chair is great for the smallest of spaces, as without arms, it is not at all bulky!

Kramer Moon Wool Armchairs

Plenty of chic seating will have your office feeling more fun, and will also be infinitely more practical. An armchair or two make a great addition to any home office – and with plenty of upholstered options on offer, fabric armchairs are a great way to easily inject a vibrant pop of colour and interesting texture too. These wool armchairs are simply stunning – and with light wooden legs, they’ll work perfectly with any other Scandinavian designs.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Display Unit

The home office is prone to clutter so plenty of storage space is a must. But storage solutions don’t need to be boring – try and display your office supplies in a creative, colourful way to add a hint of colour to an otherwise simple space. A large display unit like this one is large enough for you to keep everything in one place and will save you feeling the need to constantly tidy up!

The colours

If you want to create a calming home environment, light colours and neutrals are the way to go. An all-white room is perfect for minimising distractions. However, a simple colour-scheme may not be particularly inspiring.

Pebbles Round Mirror

Perhaps add a bit of personality with a feature colour throughout the room, or add in some accessories. For a sleek, glam feel, gold or chrome details work wonders. A frame with a gold mirror or a huge chrome clock on the wall look fantastic and will add something to your space (a mirror will also reflect the light around the room, making any space feel much bigger).

Have you been inspired to give a new lease of life to your home office?