Amazing items that will make you love your work space

Louis De Poortere Spring Leaves Green Rug

Home Office Desk

Potentially, you could spend hours in your home office, perfecting your product or service. Yes, it needs to be ergonomically designed but it also needs to be a joy to use. And this is where your sense of style comes in to play. And so, we put our heads together and came up with these fun styling ideas…

Squeeze it in

If your home office doesn’t have to be gargantuan, then you are probably comfortable working in the main part of your home, whether that is a desk in the corner of the living room or a space ‘under-the-stairs’. Either way, using furniture that matches presents a coherent look to the eye and stop your home office standing out as the focal point in the room. Add a comfy chair and plenty of hideaway storage space and you have a delightful space from which to work.

Add hints of luxury

Luxury is a hard word to define because what is luxurious to one person is fuss and clutter to another. There is, however, no denying that texture holds the key to luxury.

Home Office White Desk with Sheepskin

Take the grey sheepskin rug for example, with its soft, feather-like feel to it. Beautifully tactile, the sheepskin rug can be used as a rug to keep your feet warm or, in the winter, add it to your desk chair as an extra layer of warmth around your back.

Theme it

If you have a separate space – do you look with envy at home office pods and cabins in the garden? – you can use the décor on the walls to create a space that is both restful but stimulating too.

From clean lines to pastel shades, there are all kinds of themes and styles you can opt for. In recent months, there has been a penchant for softer wall shades, with brass accessories and all things glitter. Frankly, there is nothing wrong with this look unless, of course, you don’t like it.

Louis De Poortere Spring Leaves Green Rug

And so, the moral of this story is, create the theme and the décor that you like. But as a means of inspiration, may we suggest beautifully patterned rugs with a versatile sideboard masquerading as office cabinets?

And don’t forget to liven up the walls with artwork!

The desk and the chair

The title of your next novel perhaps, but in all honesty, we do need to consider the two most important aspects of the home office: the desk at the right height, shape and length, partnered with a comfy, supportive office chair.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood White Desk

Our Oldman range – wooden desk with metal legwork – is back with a bang. These are completely customisable from coloured legs to the right size desktop for your home office.

Create something fabulous that works for YOU

It is your home office. Your space where you create and grow your business. It can be as clean, simple and minimal as you like, or full of colour, passion and ample storage. And yes, if you want the flower-patterned paper clips, you can have them too…