The hero of creating extra space in the living room

Barclay Reclaimed Wood TV Unit

Barclay Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet

Are there times when you wish you had more storage space in the living room? And yet adding another piece of furniture makes no sense, it’ll just crowd the space you have.

And so, it is a logical conclusion to this argument that you maximise the storage space in key items of the room, from the industrial display unit to the fetching, rustic appealing coffee table.

But there is one other item of furniture, the unsung hero of storage in the living room: the TV stand.

How to maximise Space with a TV Stand

TVs are flatter, lighter and bigger but if you are not one for mounting it on the wall, a TV stand is an essential piece of kit. Ditch the modern, plastic stand they come with and opt for beauty and hidden history of reclaimed, wooden TV cabinets.

With a story of their own to tell, they are available in a range of finishes and styles, thus there is something to suit all tastes, styles and budgets, from the angular pleasing lines of the industrial style to a home boasting all kinds of reclaimed wood furniture.

Mary Rose Two Door Grand Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet

But, how does a TV cabinet work best? With drawers or without? The majority of people on Houzz in one of our polls opt for drawers as being the perfect storage solution, whilst just over half of those who responded liked the idea of shelves.

With one decision made – drawers or shelves? – you can now move on to incorporating the TV cabinet into the living room décor.

# Fits small spaces

Not everyone wants the TV as a focal point and so quite often, it is placed in a part of the room that is ‘out of the way’ in many respects. TV cabinets are made to in differing styles and so a corner cabinet with additional store is perfect for most people.

# Multi-tasking versatility…

Sorio Reclaimed Wood TV Media Unit

In many respects you don’t have an either/or decision between drawers and shelving – why not have both? There are exquisite pieces such as the Sorio reclaimed wood media and TV unit that has both and we have many others that work with any kind of interior design style too.

# Great for other rooms too

We assume that because something is described as TV cabinet it must only be in the living room with the TV on it. Or the sideboard can only really fit the dining room and so on.

BREAKING NEWS: the TV cabinet, in all its multi-tasking glory, is perfect for any room in the house, from additional storage space in the bedroom to a fantastic addition to the home study.

Luxe Kensington Industrial Reclaimed Wood TV Unit

# Injecting something different…

And by this, we don’t mean opting for a gaudy coloured item or one made from a synthetic material to act as a modern foil to the living room’s brown leather sofa. We mean that its detailing (or lack of), the colour (or lack of), the iconic shape and design so often associated with various styles, such as that found in industrial furniture, can be a standalone piece that stands out just enough to be noticed, but not jar on the eyeline.

Can you tell we think that the TV cabinet is an understated addition to the home? Isn’t it time you looked again?