Decorating your office space for success

Oldman Reclaimed Wood Boardroom Table and Leather Chairs

The environment in which we work is important – get it right, and your productivity and employee happiness levels rise significantly. If the office décor hasn’t enjoyed an update in some time, now is the time to up the style stakes – but it doesn’t just mean putting in some industrial shelving and a few new desks – there are plenty of other things to consider.

Let there be lots of the right light

Sunshine flooding in through the windows is uplifting BUT, working in harsh light means lots of glare and discomfort. Make the most of natural light with the right window dressings that allow for shade. And when natural light is lacking, opt for LED lighting that doesn’t give off heat and is cheaper to run too.

Add texture with rugs

We can hear ‘what about health and safety?’ but with rugs and rug stoppers (use special carpet tape), rugs in the office can be a thing. And they are wonderful for adding colour, pattern and texture. You can also use rugs to zone an area, such as a rug in the easy seating area, along with sumptuous sofas, and oak bookcase and side tables.

Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Tall Bookcase

Talking of informal seating…

More small businesses are realising that ‘play areas’ or informal areas are not just for large companies but are a welcome addition to their office spaces too. Seating areas with sofas and armchairs are ideal for short breaks and meetings. They are also great for adding pops of colour too. Colourful armchairs such as a canary yellow armchair nestled alongside a brown leather sofa certainly add plenty of zing. There is a raft of other colours to choose from too.

Sabrina Curved Yellow Velvet Armchair

Update the working area

Who wouldn’t enjoy an updated working space? If you want to keep a certain style, opt for a reclaimed wood desk from the same range. The Oldman industrial style desk is a functional and utilitarian piece of reclaimed wood furniture, perfect for small businesses as they can be made to bespoke sizes. Likewise, updating the seating with the ergonomic and stylish leather office chair is also a way of adding style to an office space.

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

Give the meeting room a new lease of life

From rugs to wall art – why not seek out local art talent? – the meeting room shouldn’t be a dreary space. Investing in a large conference table will never be wasted. It will be used time and again for meetings as well as sit down lunches with your crew.

Oldman Raw Steel Industrial Reclaimed Wood Table

Encourage personal touches

When people make the decision to come to work for you, you want their personalities and characters to shine through. All too often we hear of companies ‘banning’ personal items from desks, afraid of the clutter and perceived health and safety risks that they bring. In a small business, you can let these stuffy attitudes go and encourage people (within reason) to add personal touches to their desks.

Appeal to all the senses

Visually, you want an office that is appealing. You also want it to welcome employees and support them in their daily work in other ways too. And that means appealing to their sense of smell. Either the best scented candles or diffusers, the delicate scent of which hang gently in the air, are perfect for creating a pleasant perfumed aroma around the office.

Rathbornes Dublin Dusk Candle