Enjoy a laidback New Year

Girls Enjoying Food

You don’t have to get dressed up. You don’t have to stay up past midnight. You don’t have to start the New Year with a thumping headache. If you have always wanted to kick back at New Year, resting your feet on the rustic coffee table as you look at the fireworks on TV, we have some great ideas for celebrating the arrival of yet another year.

Small & informal

Friends Enjoying Food

If you do want to ‘party’ then it doesn’t have to be a raucous, huge get-together. There are many of your friends and family who would enjoy a small and informal gathering. Is there anything better than enjoying the company of others, a roaring fire whilst snuggled on a delightful brown leather sofa? Or chatting at the rustic dining table? Ask guests to bring a few drinks and snacks and just let the evening unfold.

Pamper yourself

Want to stay home? Not a problem – there is no rulebook that says you have to party into the wee small hours. Enjoy your evening with a pamper session – take a nap, run a hot bath, soak in luscious bubbles and enjoy a drink or two with a loved one. Or drink tea, read a book or enjoy a film.

Potter in the kitchen

Man Cooking in the Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking or baking, then why not enjoy a few hours in your kitchen making the dishes that you love. From creating tasty tapas dishes to baking a delicious cake or tart, when it comes to enjoying the last few hours of this year, there is nothing better than good food and a drink of your choice. Enjoy with a fruity, punchy non-alcoholic cocktail is also a pleasant treat which you can enjoy with close family or with a gathering of friends. Your choice!

Night time walk

People Looking at Fireworks

We spend winter dodging rain showers, being buffeted by wind and wrapping up against the cold. We rush from one place to another, not always enjoying winter. Talking a walk at night time in the inky-blackness of winter is certainly not on top of many to-do lists. However, why not drive to a well-known beauty spot and enjoy a twilight walk? Take a torch and a companion and enjoy the winter sky and the biting cold. Your choice whether you walk in rain or not but it can be invigorating! Return home to the comforting folds of your leather armchair, a great movie and snacks.

Movie marathon

Most main TV channels will have some kind of movie on during the afternoon or you could subscribe to one of the movie channels and enjoy back-to-back movies of your choice. Again, plenty of pre-made snacks scattered across the reclaimed wood sideboard for everyone to nibble at when they want and a drink in hand of your choice is one of the best ways to enjoy any winter afternoon, but perfect for New Year’s Eve.

Ditch the resolutions

Person Writing List

New Year comes with many traditions including making resolutions to change things. But do we really need to? It may seem obvious to start something new at a New Year but the failure rate of resolutions tells us otherwise. Ditch the resolutions, dim the lights, enjoy a drink or two (if you want), read a book or go to bed. Either way, a laidback New Year is a great way to see off one year and welcome the new one, in our book at least.