Interior Design Trends for 2019, which will you try?

Honey Comb

There are many exciting trends, styles and colours coming our way in the new year. With the grey of winter upon us and a chill in the air, it is always warming to look forward to seeing what designers have come up with. And there are plenty of trends that will work with every one of our collections.

1 THE must-have colour – Dulux’s soothing ‘Spiced Honey’

Let’s be honest, the majority of us need a space in our home that is soothing on all our sense, a chance to escape the worries and chaos of modern life. Dulux have come up with the goods in terms of the must-have colour for 2019 in the hues of a warm, soothing deep caramel beige. Even the name is soothing, ‘spiced honey’.

Spiced Honey Colour

It’s a colour that can be used in any room, from the living room to the hallway and beyond. Great for all styles, including traditional and rustic, we think ‘spiced honey’ is the perfect partner to the reclaimed wood furniture of the Chelwood Collection – match with a cream rug and you’ll have a beautiful, warm but cosy feel to any room.

2 Want colour? You have it!

If you are not overly keen on neutral shades then you will love what the Pantone Colour Institute has in store for 2019. Their choice is ‘Living Coral’.

Coral Colour

Deep, jewelled colours have long been our favourite and so if you want to add a pop of colour but not on the walls, why not opt for our jewel-coloured velvet armchairs? Mix them with a metallic finish – we are still in love with the gold-colour metals and brass – to bring more than a dash of glamour to your dining room landscape.

In the living room, opt for velvet too, with a deeply coloured velvet armchair and velvet sofa too!

3 Reclaimed, recycled, sustainable

2018 was the year that more and more of us started to make bigger but more consistent changes to the materials we used and how we used them. Whilst some people love the upcycled look, for others sustainability comes in the beautiful shape of a reclaimed wood dining table.

Interior designers are pointing to the fact that this will happen more in the coming year and may even become the staple of how we shop for furniture in the future.

Chalfont Industrial Wood Dining Table and Velvet Chairs

As well as reclaimed wood, materials from sustainable sources, such as the mango wood used in the Chalfont Collection, could also be a contender for a top interior design trend in 2019.

4 Dark wood is making a comeback

In fact, the beautiful depths of dark shades of wood, fabrics and wall colour is a possibility for any room in the home this coming year. From an incredibly inky blue in the kitchen to black in the bathroom, there will be plenty to shake us up this year.

Blackbone Industrial Oak Extendable Dining Table

We’ve also seen nods towards darker wood too. Sturdy in nature and appeal, there is drama and glamour to dark wood. Sit it alongside brassy or gold elements and you have a cursory nod towards the glamour of the 1920s, not unlike the sophistication to be found in our recently added Blackbone Collection. A collection aimed at the dining room, it looks fabulous against a reclaimed dark wood dining table…