Everything you need to know about rustic style

rustic dining table with sunflowers

rustic living room with wooden panelled wall and rustic furniture

Rustic style is here to stay and is the type of interior scheme that evolves with time and will never go out of fashion. It incorporates casual, natural, rugged, rough and aged elements which can be influenced by styles originating anywhere from a Tuscan farmhouse or Gothic castle to a beach house on the English coast. The beauty of the rustic style is that nothing should be new and perfect looking! Rustic style suits farmhouses and country cottages but it can also work in the newer home by adding in character and rustic features. In this blog, we look at some key elements to embrace a rustic look in your home.


Wood is the main element when it comes to creating a rustic interior. Especially reclaimed wood – it tells a story, it gives texture to your room as well as history and individuality. If you have a wood floor you can sand and stain it, or look at installing a wooden floor – there are many different types and styles to suit your home. Whether you opt for antique furniture pieces, upcycled items or reclaimed furniture, the addition of wooden pieces will bring in bundles of rustic charm. A great example of this is the Chelwood Reclaimed Wood rustic coffee table and side table below – it’s the perfect addition to a living room bringing with it style as well as some handy living room storage.

rustic coffee table next to brown leather sofa wooden side table

Natural elements

Accentuate any natural features you have in your home, such as exposed beams, natural brick walls, stone floors or an open fireplace. You can also bring in other natural rustic elements in the form of houseplants in wicker baskets or old metal buckets. Something as simple as a dried flower display on a farmhouse table or kitchen sideboard will help give a warm rustic vibe to your dining space.

dried flower display in jar for everything you need to know about rustic style blog

Textured and organic textiles

You can bring in a variety of textiles when accessorising your room. Natural fabrics in neutral or muted colours work best. Mix textures, for example, a selection of scatter cushions and sofa throws in different fabrics on your sofa, a floor rug or curtains in natural cotton or linen for the windows. Leather chairs add another natural element to the space, tapestry is also a top choice when it comes to a rustic interior.


Shiny metal gives a room a touch of glamour and bling, so for a rustic look you want to be introducing burnished metals. Matt black hinges and door furniture and furniture with an industrial element add a whole bunch of rustic charm. The Standford reclaimed dining table makes the perfect centrepiece for your dining room – pair it with a wooden dining bench for a truly rustic look.

industrial dining table with rustic table top, black metal legs and cream fabric dining chairs

For the larger dining space, the Soho Dining Table will make a big and bold eye-catching statement pair this with sumptuous and luxurious velvet dining chairs to add contrast to your room.

Any size room can have a rustic influence, even small bedrooms. If you’re wondering How to Get a Small Rustic Bedroom Right take a look here.